Elevator Shoes - Additional Boost of Confidence

Elevator Shoes – Additional Boost of Confidence

What if you could stand a little taller? It’s no secret that in our society, taller men enjoy many privileges in many areas of life. From dating to finding well-fitting clothing and even how much you are paid, height is a social commodity that both men and women highly value. Unfortunately, many of us were not born to be over 6” tall. But that doesn’t mean you still can’t reap the benefits of being taller. Surgery is always an option, but a more comfortable and cost-effective method to gaining some height is wearing elevator shoes. 

Elevator Shoes - Additional Boost of Confidence

What are Elevator Shoes?

Elevator shoes are a type of shoe that discreetly increases a person’s height. They get their name from the thick insoles under the heel, known as shoe lifts, which “elevate” a person and make them appear taller. Unlike platform shoes, which are an obvious height-increasing aid for men, elevator shoes are subtle and can’t be seen from the outside, so no one will know you are wearing them unless you tell them.

Elevator Shoes - Additional Boost of Confidence

Now it’s understandable if you are apprehensive about the idea of elevator shoes, they sound like high heels which aren’t typically a men’s shoe choice. But did you know that heels were originally designed for men? In the 15th century, Persian soldiers would wear them to appear taller and more formidable as well as ensure their feet were secured in stirrups during battle. If that’s not convincing enough for you, here are some reasons why adding elevator shoes to your wardrobe could be a good idea.

Increase Height

The most obvious benefit of elevator shoes is the ability to appear taller in a short period of time. On top of this, elevator shoes do this discreetly, so to everyone else it looks like you are wearing a typical pair of shoes. Because you can choose how much of an elevation you want the insole of your elevator shoes to give you, you can gradually increase your height, and nobody would be any wiser.

Elevator Shoes - Additional Boost of Confidence

Confidence Boost

Of course, everyone has something to offer the world and you aren’t defined by your height. But we are human and that means we are going to have insecurities. So, if a small change, such as wearing elevator shoes, gives you a boost of confidence, why wouldn’t you want to own a pair? And that confidence shows. Men who are taller are likely to have better dating prospects, earn more money, and are more likely to be given successful career opportunities.

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Improves Posture

The shoe lifts aren’t the only part of elevator shoes making you look taller. Because of the heel being raised, elevator shoes gradually improve your posture over time as they prevent you from slouching as you walk. Not only will this improve the health of your neck and back muscles, but it will also have long-term effects such as avoiding back pain, improving bone health, and preventing the development of spinal conditions such as scoliosis. Good posture can also make you look slimmer and more attractive, giving you an additional boost of confidence. 

Elevator Shoes - Additional Boost of Confidence

Comfortable to Wear

As with any other type of shoe, you aren’t going to wear them if you aren’t comfortable. Although you may assume that wearing elevator shoes incur the same kind of discomfort as high-heel shoes, it is actually the opposite case. In fact, there are some elevator shoes designed for physical activity such as running and hiking. The comfort comes from the thicker insole made from extra padding, which reduces the impact on your feet and provides you comfort for the long hours you are on your feet.

Tips For Buying Elevator Shoes

When looking to buy your first pair of elevator shoes, there are a couple of features you should consider.

The biggest advantage of elevator shoes is their ability to add height discreetly. For this reason, you want to try and find styles that do not make the elevated heel noticeable. Low cut styles, such as sneakers and dress shoes, can make the heel noticeable, so it may be advantageous to choose a less elevated heel. This doesn’t need to be done for boots and similar styles as the taller ankle covers this.

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Depending on the type of elevator shoes you are looking to purchase, the insole which gives you the extra height can either be permanent or removable. If it is not removable, you will need to make a firm decision on how much extra height you are looking to gain at the time of your purchase.

In terms of the quality of the shoe, you should take a close look at the material used and the design of the shoe. The quality of material that the shoe is made from is a key indicator of how long your pair of elevator shoes will last. Try to avoid bonded leather, which although marketed as “genuine leather”, is really just pieces of low-quality leather alternatives. Try to look for real leather or synthetic leather which is more durable.

Unfortunately, many elevator shoes are designed with a boxy shape and a square toe. Not only is this not a fashionable look, but it can also make you look shorter. Try to find more classic shapes, such as a tapered toe, to avoid this dilemma.


If you’ve gotten this far through the article hopefully, you have changed your mind about elevator shoes after reading more about how they can be a beneficial addition to your wardrobe. Although there may be some negative connotations around wearing elevator shoes, they are a cheaper and more accessible option for increasing your height compared to medical procedures. And beyond this, GuidoMaggi elevator shoes can help your clothes fit better, give you more dating choices and see you earn more money. Just because you weren’t born 6” tall doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the advantages that height can give you!

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