Popular Types of Men's Shoes in 2022

Popular Types of Men’s Shoes in 2022

Though men’s footwear fashion is not up to the mark set by their female counterparts, they are nevertheless catching up. Coming back to men’s shoes, there aren’t that many options either. This can indeed be a blessing in disguise since this helps men to decide on their outfit a lot easier and help them look smart fast and instantly as well. But if you are a complete beginner or someone in need of a desperate wardrobe change, it can somewhat be hard at first to pick the right footwear. If you feel stuck in such a situation, then this article is made just for you. Here we shall learn about some of the most pospular men’s shoes available in the market in 2022, that will not only help you elevate your fashion senses, but will also make sure you get the best out of the footwear you buy:

Popular Types of Men's Shoes in 2022

Penny Loafers

If you are new to penny loafers, here is a brief history. Penny loafers, as the name suggests are related to a penny. These loafers have small openings on the sides large enough to hold a penny. Back in the early 1900s, this was essential as those pennies would be used in coin booths in case of an emergency. Having made for sure a purpose, penny loafers quickly rose to fame for more than just holding a penny. In fact, with the advancement in time, these are the best in class looking loafers if you need semi-formal footwear. Jeans and blazers, cotton pants and shirts and even some formal attires can be matched with a penny loafer with no problem.

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When looking to buy penny loafers or any other loafer for that matter, you can have a look into Bruno Marc Shoes. They are a top seller when it comes to loafers of all styles. 

Popular Types of Men's Shoes in 2022


Sneakers are by far the most loved and bought footwear in the men’s footwear section. They are also a one-stop solution for men who have less fashion sense than others. Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t mean that getting a sneaker will make you look less of a fashion sensed guy, it’s just that sneakers fit so well with clothes that even a guy with poor fashion sense can look like a pro. Other than that, sneakers give you a youthful and stylish look as well, especially when paired with casual outfits. This makes sneakers a must-have for men.

Popular Types of Men's Shoes in 2022

Chelsea Boots

Another semi-formal boots in this category are the Chelsea Boots. The Chelsea’s unlike the penny loafers offer a slip-on design making them easier to wear and remove. Because of their looks and easy access, Chelsea boots have become a must-have wardrobe staple for generations. Chelsea’s can also be paired with outfits ranging from semi-casuals to semi-formals. But hey, do try them with other outfits as well.

Popular Types of Men's Shoes in 2022

Chukka Boots

They usually come in two major designs, the laceless ones and the other with laces. Both look completely different from each other. The laceless ones are considered as more casual footwear whereas the lace-designed chukkas range from casual to formal. Chukka boots look and feel different compared to other shoes mentioned on this list. Hence if you ever need a formal or a casual boot other than your traditional Oxfords or Chelseas, make sure to get a Chukka.

Popular Types of Men's Shoes in 2022

Slip-On and Sandals

Sandals and slip-on’s are more of an extremely casual wear. They are the best choices for summer and summer outfits, but if you live relatively closer to the equator, where it is warm during the winter as well, this footwear could make up for an all-rounder that can be worn during all seasons and weather. Hence, if you are bold enough, they can be worn with almost any outfit except the formal and still make you look smart and ready for the occasion. On a side note, in some parts of the country like India, slippers and sandals are the first choice for most outfits in that country.

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Popular Types of Men's Shoes in 2022


In conclusion, these are just a handful of many boots and shoes available for men in the market. With every passing year, you can expect the types of shoes to increase in range and eventually give competition for the women’s section. As for the year 2022, these are some of the best, if not the best types of shoes available for men in the market. Additionally, if you are a newbie or have problems with looking into a reliable seller online, look into Bruno Marc Shoes. They have some of the top quality shoes in the market for men, women, and surprisingly children as well. 

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