Bespoke Kingston: What To Keep In Mind When Getting Your First Bespoke Suit Made

Bespoke Kingston: What To Keep In Mind When Getting Your First Bespoke Suit Made

Businessmen and professionals representing different companies or organizations typically wear a suit to look their best at work or when attending special events. Dressing well is a confidence booster that allows you to create an excellent first impression among potential customers and business partners. There’s a sense of satisfaction in sporting a handsome look and feeling good from deep within.  

Bespoke Kingston: What To Keep In Mind When Getting Your First Bespoke Suit Made

Fortunately, that’s what custom suits can make you feel. If you’ve always shopped for ready-to-wear suits, it’s time to embrace some changes. After all, it’s a worthwhile experience to have your first-ever bespoke Kingston suit made by a reputable tailor in your city.  

Custom suits are a no-brainer when you know what to keep in mind when having your suit made for the first time. 

Know What You Want Or Need  

If you’ve always shopped for your suits off the rack, you don’t have to envision what you want. You simply choose from what’s available. But when you’re having a bespoke suit made, you have to work closely with your tailor and let him know what you want or need. This should be the first step in your bespoke suit journey. To get the best bespoke suit Kingston can offer, you need to decipher the purpose as to why you’re getting one.  

As part of the selection process, you want to be exposed to various styles, patterns, and ideas. This will open your mind to more choices, and you can segregate which type of suits you prefer and which are not your cup of tea. However, do be careful not to get overwhelmed with too many choices. The perfect balance is finding inspirational custom suit designs from at least five sources.  

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Bespoke Kingston: What To Keep In Mind When Getting Your First Bespoke Suit Made

Choose The Best Quality Fabric  

One element you should never compromise is the fabric of your bespoke suit. Even the most exceptional craftsmanship cannot save a suit made of low-quality material, as it will result in dissatisfaction and discomfort on your end. Therefore, choose a fabric that is comfortable, durable, and of high quality.  

Fabric selection is the most crucial decision when putting together your new suit. Besides determining how your suit looks and feels, it also determines how it performs. You can seek advice from your tailor about this and be transparent about your budget preferences, as they may recommend something you cannot afford.   

Understand Your Body Type  

Achieving the perfect fit is perhaps the primary objective of having a bespoke suit made. Since men do not have the same build and body shape, chances are an off-the-rack suit based on standard measurements will not fit you well.   

For this reason, going to a seasoned tailor who understands your body type and takes your measurements expertly is crucial. This is a great tip for any man who wants to be styled and fashionable

Bespoke Kingston: What To Keep In Mind When Getting Your First Bespoke Suit Made

With custom high-end men’s clothing, your proportions and style preferences will be taken into account. With their expertise and eye for detail, the tailor can craft a bespoke suit that will flatter your body shape and match your posture and body alignment. 

Do Not Follow Trends  

Since this is your first custom-made suit, you want it to be a memorable experience. Therefore, it’s best not to follow trends for the moment. Chances are trendy suits will be fashionable only for a limited time. You’d like your suit to serve you well for many years, so it’s best to stick to a classic or timeless style. 

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Avoid anything that shouts ‘now.’ For instance, if oversized blazers are in style nowadays, you know that such a trend will eventually fade in the next months or the coming year. Therefore, stick to a classic bespoke suit that you’ll see yourself wearing for years ahead.   

Stick To Simplicity  

For your first suit, it’s wise to stick to something simple. Instead of bold colors, go for neutral shades like gray, dark blue, beige, black, or brown. These safe and simple colors will allow you to mix and match your bespoke suit with the dress shirts in your current wardrobe.  

Bespoke Kingston: What To Keep In Mind When Getting Your First Bespoke Suit Made

Choosing a simple suit helps build your foundation. Simply put, a basic suit is more versatile than a playful or adventurous pattern or color. You don’t have to go all out and be too experimental with your first custom suit anyway.  


Getting your first bespoke Kingston suit made by a reputable tailor doesn’t have to be an overwhelming and confusing journey. With the pointers given above, you’ll know what to do and successfully explain what you want to your tailor. Stick to simple designs and colors for your first custom-made suit, as they’re sure to last longer than the trendier ones.

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