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Brandi Glanville’s Son Mason Cibrian Signs Exclusive Deal with DT Models

Mason Cibrian, Brandi’s Son with actor Eddie Cibrian, signs a deal with DT Model Management Exclusive.

Mason Cibrian pics DT Model Management

Before starring on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Brandi Glanville was an Elite model, working for high fashion brands including Valentino, Versace, Chanel, Giorgio Armani, and Gucci and appearing in the pages of Glamour and Cosmopolitan magazines.  This month, Mason, her 6’4” tall teenage son with actor Eddie Cibrian, is announcing that he is following in his famous mother’s footsteps, signing on as an exclusive with DT Model Management.

“I’ve heard many stories from my mom about her world travels while modeling,” Mason explains from his home in Los Angeles. 

“I love fashion and I am passionate about traveling, so why not take a chance?”

Mason Cibrian
Mason Cibrian pics DT Model Management

Mason joins a long list of celebrity children who have selected to pursue careers in fashion modeling with DT Model Management. Founded in 2012, DT Model Management has developed and fostered the careers of Dylan Penn (daughter of Sean Penn and Robin Wright), Ireland Basinger-Baldwin (daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger), Destry Allyn Spielberg (daughter of Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw), Dylan Grieco (son of Richard Greico), Lydia Hearst (daughter of Patty Hearst and granddaughter of William Randolph Hearst) and renowned socialite, model, and entrepreneur Paris Hilton.

“Brandi contacted me and sent me a few photos of Mason,” explains DT Model management president David Todd.  “Once I saw how incredibly handsome and tall he is, I knew I wanted to meet with him!  He has a great personality and an inner self confidence that stands out when he walks into a room.”

Mason Cibrian pics DT Model Management

“I am so proud of Mason on every level,” says his mom, Brandi Glanville. “He is truly a unique, beautiful soul on the inside as well as the out. I am such a proud mamma bear and I believe traveling the world is the best education anyone can get.”

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Mason’s parents, including his stepmother country singer LeeAnn Rimes, are very supportive of his modeling pursuit, as long as he continues his education.  He is currently a sophomore at a university in Los Angeles, studying business management and real estate and considering a second major in fashion design.  “Growing up, I had very little fashion sense,” he admits. “I would usually throw together whatever outfit I could, as fast as I could.  It is only in the last three to four years that I have developed a strong sense of style.”
His style is edgy and refined.  He is drawn to high fashion but leans towards smaller brands. “I love how fashion is embracing all shapes, sizes and colors today.  I look forward to seeing what that might mean for me.”

Mason Cibrian pics DT Model Management

Mason is excited to be a part of DT Model Management’s successful men’s division that includes many of the top male models working today, including Michael Yerger, the face of two DSQUARED2 campaigns, a Dolce & Gabbana campaign and a 2xist underwear campaign, and Australian rugby star Nick Youngquest, the face of Invictus by Paco Rabanne. 

5 Questions with Mason

FM: Mason, congrats for your new exclusive deal with DT Model Management, now that your starting in the modeling business. What has your mom and dad advice you for coming gigs?

Mason: Both of my parents have experience in the industry especially my mom since that was her main career for many years. They are both all for me tackling the modeling world in my own way but my mom always gives me advice on how to walk, pose, and how to keep my skin clear. Beyond that the advice that I get is just about taking things seriously and how to be more independent.

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FM: Trends move incredibly fast. This in part is a due to celebrity culture as well as due to social media. Your parents knows about it. What did they think when you decided to be a model?

Mason: My mom was actually the person who gave me the idea to model and pushed me to focus on it. After a while of working with my mom on modeling and meeting with people I told my dad modeling is what I want to do with my life right now and he was completely supportive and even lets me take some of his clothes for shoots.

Mason Cibrian and his dad
Brandon Cibrian and his dad Eddie Cibrian.

FM: Social Media is a big tool for models nowadays, TikTok, Snap or IG is the must, which one is your favorite to use in your daily basis?

Mason: I’d say I use snap and IG on a daily basis but I prefer to Snap more since it’s the place I keep in touch with a lot of my friends that I don’t see often.

FM: Besides your father and mother as role models, who do you admire in the fashion industry right now?

Mason: I look up to a lot of designers in the fashion industry but one of my current favorites is Yohji Yamamoto because of how interesting he can make something so basic look while also keeping it more wearable.

Mason Cibrian

FM: Who would you love to work to in the fashion world?

Mason: There are so many people in the fashion industry I would love to work with my at the top currently are Ralph Lauren, Dior, Prada, and Tom Ford.

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Quick Random Quiz

Where would be an awesome place to go for a family vacation? The two places I want to go to most in the world right now are Dubai and japan but if I had to choose something for a family vacation I would love to go to Southern Italy.

Which TV shows are you watching right now?  I don’t watch a ton of tv but out of the shows I watched recently I really liked Ozark and not a tv show but I watched inception and the prestige for the first time recently and I got to say those are two of my favorite movies now.

Have there been any books that you had to rad this year that you really liked? I read the first Harry Potter book for the first time this year and I really enjoyed it since it brought back the nostalgia from the movies as a kid.

Mason Cibrian and his mom Brandi Glanville
Mason Cibrian and his mom Brandi Glanville

Are there parts of your body that you really like or dislike? One thing I really like about myself is my smile as a kid I took forever to learn to smile in photos so all my child photos have a little awkward smile but when I finally figured it out I became pretty confident in my smile. 

If you had to be a mythical creature, what would you be? This is an easy one I’d definitely be a Cerberus, one of those dogs with the 3 heads.

Drop your best tune to dance alone! Right now I’d say, Them Changes by Thundercat.

Where can we reach out to you? You can find me on Instagram @masoncibrian

Thank you so much Mason, break a leg! Enjoy this environment, its fun!

Pictures by dtmodelmanagement.com IG @dtmodelmgmt.

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