Surefire Fashion Tips For An Impressive Winter Style

Looking good is all-important for modern men, even if they have fewer options to style themselves. But the good thing is that you can make the most of them and ace your style goals like your female counterparts. You only need to be creative with your approach to mixing and matching your staples. But winter dressing can get tricky, considering you require warmth along with aesthetics. However, following the regular styling rules is often enough to get you the best appearance. Here are some surefire fashion tips for an impressive winter style.

Start with your first line of defense

Warmth is the mainstay of winter styling, so you must pay attention to your first line of defense. Warm innerwear gives you the best start because you may even manage with fewer layers if you have quality protection for the first one. Also, look for thinner inner layers, as thick ones may make you look bulky in the end. A robust first line of defense is the best thing to stock up for your winter wardrobe.

Ace the fits

Summer or winter, the right fit should be a priority for fashion-conscious males. Even the most expensive brands fail to impress if an outfit appears too tight or slouchy. It is easy to take fits for granted during winter, but the wrong ones can ruin your layering game. Ensure buying the right fit. Also, check your existing collection and declutter by eliminating pieces that are no longer of the right size.

Ramp up the layering game

Winter dressing is synonymous with layering, so ramping it up should be the next thing on your checklist. Think beyond the drab overcoats and blazers, and invest in a puffer jacket to up your game. It looks trendy and offers a snug fit to keep the winter chill at bay. The best part is that these jackets are lightweight, which makes them an excellent option for outdoor activities like skiing and hiking.

Focus on textures and colors

While personal style is about doing things your way, you must follow some rules with textures and colors. Pick complementary layers with colors like navy, charcoal, and black because these are winter staples. You play on textures instead, such as combining coarse to a smooth finish and slub to a fabric with more sheen. Just be as creative as possible to look like a celebrity. 

Weather-proof your shoes

Follow the same dressing advice for your footwear. Opt for sturdy ones that offer warmth and protection from the elements when you are outdoors. Avoid suede because it does not go well with snow and moisture. Also, keep your boots polished as it prevents road salt slush from staining the leather. Besides choosing the right shoes, wear warm socks to prevent the snow from freezing your feet.

An impressive winter style is not about spending a fortune on your wardrobe. You can follow these simple and practical dressing tips to go the extra mile with winter styling. A little effort and creativity are enough to ace the looks!

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