How to Style Your Suit

Most men find wearing a suit uncomfortable, too formal and boring to wear. With new fashion trends arising, the formal look is changing along with it. Men no longer wear formal suits the way they used to. There are now many new creative ways to wear and style your suit. In this blog, we are going to discuss why it’s necessary to style your suit, as well as some creative ways to do it. Most online luxury boutique stores will have a variety of options available to help you add a personal touch to your suit style. 

The Burberry Autumn/Winter 2019 Pre-Collection
Suit by Burberry

Why Should You Style Your Suit? 

Simply putting on a suit and wearing it just like that won’t add much of a personal touch to your style. This is where adding creative and unique ways to make a personal statement about your style or personality, will add new fun and flavor to your suit. 

Let’s look at a few benefits of styling your suit:

  • adds a personal touch to your style;
  • makes you feel confident;
  • makes a statement about you; 
  • makes wearing a suit more fun and enjoyable;
  • can attract the right people into your business or social circle.
Alexander McQueen Men’s Spring 2022

Styling your suit will say a lot about you, and is worth spending the time on.

5 Modern Ways To Style Your Suit

Men are wearing suits differently nowadays by adding their own personal touches to their style. We have noticed many new trends popping up over the last few years that provide a trendy and comfortable but yet sophisticated look. Let’s take a look at 5 modern ways to style your suit. 

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Wear a T-shirt / Polo Shirt

Gone are the days where men are only wearing dress shirts with their suits. Wearing a T-shirt or Polo shirt has become quite a popular new trend in this modern age. It provides a comfortable yet sophisticated look. 

Homme Plisse Issey Miyake


Like with any other outfit a good accessory or two can make a whole lot of difference to your outfit. We don’t want to use too many accessories, as that will create a look that won’t be easy on the eye. However, a few accessories such as a scarf or cufflinks will add to your personal style. 

Style It With a Boot

Most men wear your standard Oxford / Dress shoe when wearing a suit. However, in 2022, a new trend has set in for Winter with men wearing a good quality ankle boot with their suits. A great boot that matches your belt will not only make you stand out but give you a more sophisticated look! 

Funky Socks

In the modern world, funky socks are in fashion. We see many young men wearing funky Christmas or pizza socks with their suits, having their pants slightly higher in order to make a statement with their funky socks. Having a selection of funky socks to wear with your suits will give you a variety of new looks for your suit. 

A Stylish Man Bag

Man bags are so underestimated when it comes to fashion trends. A good quality man bag that blends nicely with your suit / accessory coloring will give your suit a whole new look. An added benefit is that it is also convenient.

The Burberry Autumn/Winter 2019 Pre-Collection

We hope you found our tips on styling your suit useful. Now you have some new and creative ways to spice up an old suit you are bored of wearing. There are many ways to style a suit, what we have mentioned is only a few. The most important thing is that you choose items that make a statement about who you are and have fun with it.

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