Tips On How To Look Your Best With Sunglasses

Many things make a man, such as his character, integrity, and, arguably, fashion. Consequently, looking one’s best is an excellent way of establishing reputable manhood. The male visual has evolved immensely over the years and has long been a means to represent identity, but a few still need help finding their aesthetic. Most believe they can get away with simply mixing and matching safe pieces, but a true gentleman knows how to value and exude style. 

Tips On How To Look Your Best With Sunglasses

Aside from having a suit and other essential pieces of clothing, owning accessories is an often overlooked aspect of looking one’s best. Men’s fashion is often misconstrued as minimalistic, which is not false but also disregards the importance of the other components. For instance, it fails to consider watches, bracelets, and chains and how they can elevate your look.

Sunglasses are a great way for any man to present himself and make a statement, especially in public. Furthermore, it is crucial for gentlemen to know how to choose and use these eyepieces to complement their appearance optimally. So, don’t think twice; invest in this versatile accessory to look dashing wherever you go. You can either get one pair or own a whole collection. What matters is that you get diverse pieces that accurately represent who you are and match your wardrobe. Additionally, you should also understand the eyewear well and learn how to incorporate it into your style to yield the ideal outcome. Fortunately, we have here tips to help you wear shades to look your best.

Tips On How To Look Your Best With Sunglasses

Consider Your Features

It is inevitable to be misled by the dashing men in ads and commercials. However, while the pair of shades they are wearing makes them look debonair, they might have different effects on some users. Therefore, it is crucial to consider that they underwent extensive styling and editing for the shoot. Additionally, their particular set of features was also taken into account for each eyepiece to ensure the perfect portrayal onscreen and in print. 

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The upside is that if you find that you and the model have similar features, you can accurately assume how the sunglasses will look on you. Although, there is another more reliable way to guarantee that the pair you wear will make you look dapper, and that is to study your facial attributes and know what will work best with them. 

Tips On How To Look Your Best With Sunglasses

Face Shape and Their Corresponding Styles

The general rule for styling eyewear is that there should be contrast and balance. So, for example, those with rounded face shapes should opt for sharper frames, while those with angular silhouettes should soften their features with circular pieces. With men, however, the conditions might be different.

Most men find it more desirable when their sharpness is emphasized as it is more sought after and considered masculine. Although, it would still be complementary if you added contrasting elements when wearing sunglasses for a holistically better look. Aside from angled or rounded edges, do take into account the style of the eyepiece as well. These two factors significantly impact your visual presentation. So, know what you are going for and what you want to be highlighted, and choose your next set of shades accordingly.

Tips On How To Look Your Best With Sunglasses

Step Away From The Norm 

Sunglasses, in their most recognizable form, come in sharp black frames. However, that does not mean you should only get pairs in that color and style. If you want to go for the classic cool, calm, and collected look, then sure, but if you’re going to make a different statement, don’t hesitate to incorporate a bit of vibrance and character. It is recommended to have at least one bold pair of shades. 

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While the shade range for sunglasses for men is not that wide, you can still find a hue that will accentuate your features that isn’t the usual black set. Additionally, a non-typical choice of eyewear can help you stand out from the crowd and might even capture the attention of those you fancy.

Tips On How To Look Your Best With Sunglasses

Or Stick To The Classics

Being experimental or wanting to stand out is not for every occasion and is especially unpopular amongst men. If you want to establish a sleek and timeless look that matches all events and outfits, go for the classics. What does this mean in terms of eyewear? For sunglasses, a deep black pair that is almost opaque with a sizeable angular design is best to portray timelessness. 

One advantage of going for classic frames is that you can never go wrong with them. They are timeless, masculine, and always leave a lasting impression. They also go well with every outfit, making a versatile accessory choice. Own a standard pair as a wardrobe staple to have a go-to option. 

Tips On How To Look Your Best With Sunglasses

Dress For The Occasion 

It goes without saying that not every pair of sunglasses will suit all circumstances. Wear the appropriate accessories to observe proper etiquette, especially in formal settings and events. 

Sunglasses, in the right form, can elevate your look anywhere. So, to make sure the ones you wear won’t be out of place, have them match your outfit and the conditions of wherever you use them. For example, funky designs are great for parties but disrespectful when worn in the workplace and at formal social events. 

Tips On How To Look Your Best With Sunglasses

Choose Comfort

Comfort directly impacts confidence, a crucial trait to emulate as a man. Unfortunately, most rookies mistakenly believe that to be stylish, you must make extreme sacrifices to look the part. However, no matter how fashionable the statement, discomfort always shows. So, keep this in mind as you choose the best pair of sunglasses for your look. 

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Like every other article of clothing, your chosen pair of shades should have a snug but firm fit on your face. It must accommodate a wide range of movements and facial expressions without changing positions. This will help make you look well-kept and proper. A loose fit will only exhibit a lack of effort and make you appear messy.

Tips On How To Look Your Best With Sunglasses

Expand Your Options

Finally, even though every man should have his best pair of sunglasses, it doesn’t hurt to own more than one pair. Even though shades are versatile accessories, you increase your chances of being well-dressed and matching all your outfits if you extend your collection. Give yourself options and style your ensembles in accordance with your newly-gained style knowledge. 

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