Men’s Fashion: Courses and Colleges To Pursue for Fashion Designing

Are you into design? Are you dreaming about fashion designing and your passion is men’s fashion? Then you have probably started considering pursuing some courses or even college for fashion design. But as there are many options you can choose from, you might find yourself lost and overwhelmed when you see so many possibilities. Which one is the best for you? What are they teaching during those courses? Is this course or college major the one you were looking for? These might be just some of the questions that are running through your head. And you might start feeling stressed. But do not worry. As there are so many options you can choose from, we come to your help. Here are some of the best courses you can pursue in men’s fashion design. 

Men's Fashion: Courses and Colleges To Pursue for Fashion Designing

Rhode Island School of Design 

The first option that could meet your needs and expectations is the Rhode Island School of Design. Here you will learn more about textiles, jewelry, apparel design, and metalsmithing. Depending on what part you want to focus on, you can choose from a lot of college majors. The best thing is that you can have your design ideas judged by male fashion designers who are really open to sharing their knowledge with students. Besides creating men’s fashion designs, you will surely have exams and to write at least one research paper. You can find cornell supplemental essays examples from Cornell university and inspire from so that you know what the final draft will look like. During the New York Fashion Week, a lot of guests are invited for presentations within the school of design, so you have the opportunity to learn from the best men’s fashion designers. You also have the opportunity to go on exchange programs in other countries, so you have a lot of opportunities to advance your fashion design skills. 

Savannah College of Art and Design 

If you have not decided what country you want to study in, then you might start considering Savannah College of Art and Design as it has three campuses. Two of them are in the USA and the other one is in France, in the Lacoste village. Here you can choose from many majors, such as fashion management, luxury design items, jewelry, accessories, or even fashion marketing. 

Men's Fashion: Courses and Colleges To Pursue for Fashion Designing

Pratt Institute 

You want to create more items for men’s fashion, so you want a school where you can learn anything about this. Well, Pratt Institute is a great choice for aspiring designers, as here you have so many opportunities to expand your knowledge on this topic. You can learn about jewelry and fine arts, but about fashion principles and design too. The nicest thing about this institute of design is that it organizes a fashion show every year where students can display their creations. So, you get a beautiful reward after you have studied for one year, but also the opportunity to connect with other students. And you have a fashion project to create, which can turn out to be so motivating.

Fashion Institute of Technology 

Last but not least, the Fashion Institute of Technology should be on your list when you are considering men’s fashion. They have a major in menswear, which can be exactly the program you were looking for. Apart from this, you have the opportunity to learn about textiles, jewelry, accessories, and many more. Choosing this school for advancing and expanding your knowledge of fashion design comes with a lot of opportunities. You can choose to study in other locations, such as Milan, London, Melbourne, or Hong Kong. And the greatest thing is that you also get the chance to be an intern at major design brands, which offers you the opportunity to learn from the best. 

Men's Fashion: Courses and Colleges To Pursue for Fashion Designing

Final Thoughts 

Men’s fashion is the niche of fashion design you want to pursue, so you are probably looking for opportunities to advance your knowledge and learn new things. These are some of the best colleges and courses you can choose from to pursue, as they offer you a lot of opportunities to just prepare for your career in fashion design. You can choose from fashion design courses, menswear, jewelry, or even accessories design or fashion marketing. 

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