4 Simple Tips to Spice up Your Love Life

4 Simple Tips to Spice up Your Love Life

Loving gestures, random gifts, surprises, and a date night occasionally do wonders for your relationship. What if you’re already past that phase and now both of you are drowning in the monotony of everyday life? There’s just little to no excitement. You no longer enjoy passionate date nights and started seeing sex as a chore.

4 Simple Tips to Spice up Your Love Life

This article is for you if you feel like your relationship is stalled. Bringing new and exciting thighs into your love life can be significant for both partners. So, always have an open mind about tips and tricks to turn up the heat in the relationship.

Let’s check out these 4 tips. Feel free to implement any that you find suitable and fit for your the dynamic of your love life.

Try Watching Porn

When we say ”try watching porn,” we mean watch it together. Implementing such activity into the sex life can bring a lot of excitement in the bedroom. Of course, if both of you are comfortable and agree on such a step.

You can communicate your needs and desires to your partner regarding watching porn, see their reaction and talk to them about why you think porn will improve your love life. If your partner is unwilling to do it, do not insist and find different alternatives, like checking out the best cam sites and talking with some webcam models, whether male or female.

Both of you can search for models that you like to ignite the fire and see whether chats with them turn you on. Some models can even perform custom and private shows for their partners, so you can see if this is something you would be willing to incorporate into your lovemaking before watching porn.

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4 Simple Tips to Spice up Your Love Life

If you like this, you most certainly will enjoy watching porn together.

Try New Positions

Maybe you’re bored with the same old missionary, and all you think is, “when will this thing finish” while doing the deed. Well, you’re not alone. Many couples struggle with intimacy after years of being together. And it’s normal; the relationship becomes more serious, you are already pretty close and comfortable with each other, and you’re keeping things nice and cozy.

If you want to give your man or woman screaming orgasms that will make them addicted to you, try out new positions. See what works and what doesn’t for both of you. Pick out several positions you find appealing and keep them in mind the next time you visit the bedroom. Or the kitchen floor. 

Also, there’s no need to tell your partner that you want to try out a particular position. It would be better if you guide them indirectly by showing the initiative of placing your body in that position. If you’ve never taken the lead, this might be a bit nerve-wracking for you. But don’t worry; your partner will enjoy this initiative. And your courage in trying to implement something new.

Express Your Desires and Fantasies

4 Simple Tips to Spice up Your Love Life

Everybody has fantasies. Including you! It’s normal to like and not like certain things in the bedroom; we are not all the same. The problem with these fantasies is that many people think their partners will find it weird. Or cringy. With the fear of being judged and misunderstood, many people decide not to voice out their fantasies to their partners.

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And who knows? Your partner might be even wishing for the same things as you. So you will never know if your desires can be fulfilled if you don’t talk with your partner about it and communicate the things that turn you on.

Become Dominant

This applies to those who’ve been submissive in their relationship, in the bedroom. Most relationships have one dominant partner while the other one is more submissive. One partner might be more eager to experiment and try new things in bed, while the other is content with what they get.

So, if you’re usually the submissive one, it’s time for you to shine and show your partner that you can be more than a “yes baby, we could do that” type of person.

You can try to initiate sex, start the foreplay or encourage your partner to change positions, so you’re on top now. Trust us, they will definitely like that.

4 Simple Tips to Spice up Your Love Life

Even though you might be a bit uneasy about it at first, your man or woman will be pleasantly surprised.

Get to Action!

Don’t just read! It’s time to put into practice the things you’ve learned so far! So, prepare yourself for a period of pleasure and fire in the bedroom!

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