A Simple Spring Capsule Wardrobe for Men in 2023 cover

A Simple Spring Capsule Wardrobe for Men in 2023

Some men love to fill a room-sized closet full of clothing to give them ample outfit options on any given day. Yet, most men appreciate limited clothing options — which is why so many men have adopted seasonal capsule wardrobes. Assembled of just a handful of pieces, capsule wardrobes allow men to focus on quality over quantity, so each outfit is perfectly suited to the individual’s physical and aesthetic needs. For men looking to begin their capsule wardrobe journey this spring, here are the on-trend components necessary to complete functional and attractive looks:

Straight-leg Dark Jeans

Kadu Dantas straight cut dark jeans

Though women’s jeans silhouettes are expanding with wide legs and flared hems, men in 2023 should stick to a simple and timeless silhouette that always works: straight leg. A dark wash adds some sophistication, so men can dress up or down their jeans as suits the circumstance.

Seersucker Travel Suit

Like a traditional suit, a travel suit consists of a matching jacket and pants, but travel suits tend to be made of a more versatile and durable fabric. Often, travel suits are lighter-weight than a regular suit, and many have elasticated waists that enhance comfort. Though seersucker is often associated with light-colored, pinstriped suits, in truth, seersucker is a type of cotton fabric that works wonders in warm environments. Therefore a seersucker travel suit — perhaps in a light color like heather gray or tan — could serve a man well during both spring and summer seasons.

Harry Has seersucker travel suit

Navy Sport Jacket

The sport coat should be every man’s best friend. Capable of dressing up the most casual outfits or dressing down formal looks, the sport jacket also tends to be just the right weight to maintain warmth during periods of springtime chilliness. Navy is a good color choice for sport jackets, as it works well with both brown trousers and blue jeans.

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Harry Has Navy Sport Jacket

Camel Trench Coat

Another essential element of outerwear for the spring season is the trench coat, which offers a longer hemline that can provide better balance to some outfits. Men should opt for a traditional trench coat in a camel or khaki color made of cotton twill, which will make it somewhat lighter than a sport jacket but still appropriate for cool and wet spring days.

Leiro Lai trench coat

Slim-fit Chinos

Chinos are a type of men’s trousers that is made of a lightweight cotton twill. Slightly more formal than jeans but still comfortably in the smart-casual category of men’s clothing, chinos are good to have on hand for events that require a more put-together look. Generally, men want chinos in a lighter beige color.

Harry Has Slim fit chinos

White Collared Shirt

No men’s clothing collection is complete without a perfectly fitting white collared shirt. In truth, this element of the spring capsule wardrobe will likely be used year-round, so men should consider investing in a high-quality, designer shirt that fits perfectly.

Kadu Dantas White Collared shirt

Blue Button-down Shirt

Though many men use the terms “button-up” and “button-down” interchangeably, there is a key difference: button-down shirts have buttons on the collar to keep the points in place. A button-down tends to be more casual than a regular button-up shirt, and because the buttons add some visual interest, this is a useful shirt to have in the spring capsule.

Kris Van Assche Blue Button-down Shirt

Full-zip Cotton Sweater

Layers are the key to fashionable men’s outfits. A light sweater over a collared shirt can play with colors and textures in an interesting way, so having a cotton sweater as part of a spring wardrobe can prove useful. Generally, it is advisable to skip sweaters with hoods, which tend to look overly casual, but full zippers can be a functional and interesting element.

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Colorful Pub Jacket

Kyle Editor Colorful puff jacket

Sometimes, a cardigan is all a man needs to stay warm on a spring evening, but a slightly upgraded option is the pub jacket. Like a cardigan with a collar and slightly more structure, the pub or bar jacket is a fun addition to a spring wardrobe because it can be colorful and have a variety of interesting details, like flashy buttons and elbow patches.

Striped Tee

It should go without saying that men need tee shirts in their capsule wardrobe. However, instead of opting for boring solid colors, men might try to incorporate some tees with thin, colorful, horizontal stripes, which will add visual interest amongst pants and outerwear of neutral tones.

Kadu Dantas Striped tee

Men’s fashion is subtle, and every season, the details shift slightly. By keeping a small capsule of clothes, men can focus on the quality of their outfits, no matter how trends change.

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