Get Louder Every Decade: Dress-Your-Age Rules to Remember And Forget

Get Louder Every Decade: Dress-Your-Age Rules to Remember And Forget

You’ve likely heard the saying, “dress your age,” but does it really matter? Reflecting your age in your outfits is fundamentally a matter of perception. Take, for example, the case of an entrepreneur with a Rolex watch. In business, it signifies your success and might make future clients more eager to do business with you. When it comes to age, it’s something different. You don’t only want to send a message and show your statute; you also want to take it as an opportunity to dress with devastating sophistication and celebrate where you are by elevating your look.

Get Louder Every Decade: Dress-Your-Age Rules to Remember And Forget

In a world where self-expression is essential and highly valued, you might wonder if dressing according to some defined standards doesn’t take a toll on your individualism. Well, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to your clothing choices, just helpful guidelines to combine authenticity and style according to the stage of your life.

Figuring out your style in your 20s

The twenties are the “wonder years”. You wonder what makes others want to marry and how you will pay off these tuition fees. But you also wonder what to wear since this period sees a transition from being a student to a young professional. To be a dedicated follower of fashion, to buy cheap and make ends meet, or to find yourself at all costs?

The first step, actually, is to evaluate your personal life. You’re building an image, a social life, and probably a circle of influence. Your style in the years that involve more nightlife is undoubtedly going to be trendy – the perfect storm of keeping up with the latest trends while getting more bang for your buck. The next time you go shopping, focus on something versatile that can be repurposed for more than one occasion, like something you’re going to wear to work, too.

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Get Louder Every Decade: Dress-Your-Age Rules to Remember And Forget

Additionally, you’re focusing on a career and a job, so you must adhere to a new set of rules. The trick to dressing professionally in your early career is to look up. If your colleagues wear polo shirts and your manager wears suits, consider investing in a suit or a sports coat at the very least.

Whatever the occasion, ensure your shirt is the right fit – the fit of your clothing is more important than the clothing itself.

Figuring out your style in your 30s

Your life is taking shape in your 30s – your friend group is smaller, and you’re not blaming your shortcomings on being a kid anymore. You might feel like your personal life is starting to suffer owing to more responsibilities and the need for a work-life balance. This transformation should be reflected in your wardrobe, too. This means the cheap attempts at trendy statements are replaced by quality pieces appropriate for social gatherings and comfortable clothes to wear in your spare time.

When you evaluate your personal life, you realize you start to cherish the days spent at home in good-looking, quality men’s loungewear more. Clubs had their charm, but lounging on the sofa or having friends over for a drink hit differently.

Get Louder Every Decade: Dress-Your-Age Rules to Remember And Forget

Things being said, your 30s are about garments that pass the test of time and signify your maturation into a new level of manhood. When shopping in your late thirties, prioritize fit and comfort over pricing. You should pay attention to how your body begins to change and how crucial a healthy lifestyle starts to be. How you live now dictates how you’ll look later.

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Figuring out your style in your 40s

If your life were a week, in your 40s, you’d be on Wednesday. You’re in the place you’ve dreamed of; you’ve gained authority through family, work, and life, so you’re in charge. Your wardrobe undergoes two changes: fit and quality, so every article you buy should be an investment, and you no longer indulge in impulse purchases. This is an age where many men lose their fashionable image, be it because of how their bodies changed or because their focus shifted from themselves to other things. Nobody is saying to run away from the “dad look”, but to keep it aside for those moments. 

You don’t need to overhaul your wardrobe entirely; just a few changes will have your suits looking as good on you as they did in your twenties and thirties.

Get Louder Every Decade: Dress-Your-Age Rules to Remember And Forget

Now’s the time to wear the basics that show you focus on quality and function, like CEOs, presidents, and even James Bond do. They rarely wear flashy clothes and prefer high-quality products from their favourite brands.

Figuring out your style in your 50s and beyond

You are now in the twilight years of your life. The best part is that at this point, your wardrobe and etiquette around it don’t change much – only the sizes, maybe. This period is mainly about relaxing and savouring the life you’ve spent 30 years building for yourself. You’ve taught your son how to dress and look his best, and your clothes now should show that you’ve moved into the mentor stage of your life. Silk scarves and ascots emanate class in the winter, and cotton, airy shirts look fantastic in the summer.

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The fashion rules made to be forgotten

Now that you know what each age is about, let’s discover the two standards you should overlook.

The tight-fitting clothes

The body changes shape and size with age. Tight fits belong to the young and aren’t ideal for professional, middle-aged men, not to mention they can be uncomfortable and unflattering. Opt for snug clothes that compliment your body, like a classic-fitting shirt and pair of pants.

The matching colours

There’s a general belief that socks must match pants, the tie has to match the shirt, etc. But once you define your style better, you’ll see that mixing different hues and patterns can look fantastic as long as the colours complement each other. Break the stereotypes placed on your age group, feel free to dress boldly, and show your true colours.

Embrace your age and the beauty brought by each stage. With age comes wisdom, and one of the lessons learned is that not all fashion rules are worth following.

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