Should You Wear a Three Piece Suit to a Wedding?

Should You Wear a Three Piece Suit to a Wedding?

Among many other ceremonies, weddings are the most beloved. The solemnity of this event is emphasized not only by the huge number of flowers and the delightful bride and groom but also by smartly dressed guests. It is not acceptable to go to nuptials in casual clothes, because this belittles the significance of the event. Therefore, when receiving an invitation and, even more so, acting as a groom, take a look at the gentlemen’s clothing store to choose your outfit from the best 3 piece suits for wedding.

Should You Wear a Three Piece Suit to a Wedding?

What Is the Difference Between a 3 Piece Suit and a Wedding Three-piece Suit?

The purpose of the costume greatly affects what particular model a man chooses to buy. When selecting a 3-piece suit for everyday wear and business meetings, many prefer neutral colours and a traditional cut of the suit. However, hardly anyone wants to go to a wedding in such a suit, even if it is perfectly tailored, because everyone will see that you came to the solemn event in a casual business outfit. The attire for the nuptials should be more outstanding and elegant. It has the following features that distinguish it from a regular 3-piece suit:

  • Deeper and more sophisticated colours; 
  • Great fit, emphasizing the physical form of a man; 
  • A chest pocket for a neat pocket square; 
  • The presence of a buttonhole on the lapel for a flower or chain; 
  • The possibility of a contrast print on the fabric or a print to match the colour of the basis. 
Should You Wear a Three Piece Suit to a Wedding?

In such a 3-piece suit, the groom will be especially striking. But even if you are invited to the wedding as a guest, it is considered a good tone to come in a three-piece wedding suit. However, when choosing it, remember that the groom should be the central figure at the wedding, so your costume should not overshadow the main character.

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Is a 3 Piece Suit Appropriate for a Wedding?

Some men are hesitant about whether can you wear a three piece suit to a wedding. Because there is an opinion that it is better to wear a tuxedo for such an event. However, the choice of outfit largely depends on the location of the nuptials and the time of the wedding ceremony. If a luxurious palace or a restaurant is chosen as such a place, the tuxedo will look very harmonious. If the wedding ceremony takes place in the morning or afternoon and in a more democratic atmosphere, it is better to choose elegant wedding suits for men.

Should You Wear a Three Piece Suit to a Wedding?

How Do You Wear a 3-Piece Suit to a Wedding?

When wearing a three-piece suit for a wedding, remember that it should be a single ensemble. Therefore, the waistcoat should be either original or a contrasting one but carefully selected in terms of shade and fabric. A belt with a three-piece suit should not be worn, because it will visually divide the figure into top and bottom, and the task of the waistcoat is precisely to stretch it into a single whole. Also, don’t forget to slip a pocket square into your chest pocket or attach a flower to your lapel, depending on your role at the wedding.

Should You Wear a Three Piece Suit to a Wedding?


The question of whether should I wear a 3 piece suit to a wedding has a definite answer — yes. Both the groom and the guests look great in elegant three-piece suits. In addition, you can later wear this costume to other ceremonies and special occasions. In a three-piece wedding suit, you will always feel like an impeccable gentleman, and those around you will appreciate your efforts to look great.

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