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How this Male Model promotes a fancy Hotel in Europe

If a male model were to promote a fancy hotel in Europe, you need to call French male model Quentin Emery, ’cause he knows best, he might use his social media profile (having 308K at least) to showcase his experience and encourage others to book a stay at the property. Look just how this male model promotes a fancy Hotel in Europe, we’re naming two: Lale Boutique Hotel and Nold Suite at Istanbul.

Quentin Emery by Cemyl Yavuz
“Let your soul glow” quotes Quentin at Lale Boutique Hotel.

Quentin Emery is a male model originally from France. He has worked with a variety of fashion brands and has been featured in several magazines and publications, including GQ Italia and L’Officiel Hommes Ukraine. Emery has also walked in numerous fashion shows, including those for Dior Homme and Off-White.

Quentin Emery at Nold Suite

In addition to his modeling work, Emery is also a jewel maker and he owns The O Collection a bespoke fine jewelry crafted in Istanbul, Turkey and shipped worldwide.

Quentin Emery by Cemyl Yavuz

It’s worth noting that the modeling industry can be very competitive and fast-paced, so models may come and go from the spotlight relatively quickly. As such, it’s possible that Emery’s current work or status may have changed since the last available information.

Quentin Emery by Cemyl Yavuz

The truth is we find Quentin very attractive in every pic, you can find these set of photo-gallery on his Insta, shooting by lensman Cemyl Yavuz.

Here are some potential tactics he might use, this is our hardest opinion, but you get the idea.

Quentin Emery by Cemyl Yavuz
Quentin at Lale Boutique Hotel in Istanbul.

Influencers promoting hotels in Europe can use various tactics to showcase their experiences and encourage others to visit the same properties. Here are some common ways they might do so:

  1. A male model often post photos and videos of their stay at the hotel on Instagram. They might pose in front of the hotel’s iconic features or showcase the luxurious amenities, such as the spa or pool. They could also use hashtags to help promote the hotel, such as #luxuryhotel or #europeangetaway.
  2. Instagram stories: In addition to posts, a male model could use Instagram stories to provide a behind-the-scenes look at their stay. They could show off the room, give a tour of the hotel, or share snippets of their dining experience.
  3. Blog posts and reviews: Many influencers also write blog posts or reviews about their hotel stays. They might share detailed information about the property, its amenities, and their overall experience. These types of posts can be particularly helpful for travelers who are looking for more in-depth information before booking a trip.
  4. Collaborations with hotels: Influencers may partner with hotels directly to create sponsored content, such as Instagram posts, YouTube videos, or blog posts. In exchange for promoting the hotel, they may receive free or discounted stays, meals, or other perks.
  5. Influencer marketing campaigns: Hotels can also work with influencer marketing agencies or platforms to find influencers who are a good fit for their brand. They might invite these influencers to stay at the property and create content to promote it to their followers.
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#toweltuesday series with Quentin. Photo by Cecil Yavuz at Lake Boutique Hotel in Istanbul.

Quentin Emery by Cemyl Yavuz

Overall, influencers or male models, or however you wanna call it now, can be a valuable marketing tool for hotels in Europe, as they can help increase visibility and generate buzz about the property.

Quentin Emery by Cemyl Yavuz

And we hope we can have more exquisite content with Quentin like this, don’t forget to comment and rate and also visit his Jewelry collection. Don’t miss the video:

Escape to a world of luxury in this suite located in the heart of Istanbul’s in charming Cihangir historical district. Experience the perfect blend of modern technology and antique ambiance for a truly unique stay. 
Quentin Emery by Cemyl Yavuz

Talent Quentin @quenttin.e
Photographer Cemyl Yavuz @cemilyavuzfilms 
Hotel Istanbul @laleotel & @noldsuite

  1. Very informative article and epic #toweltuesday post of #thirsttrap Quentin Emery who is the epitome of sexy. He looks great in clothes and amazing shirtless in a towel. He has an amazing physique, a renaissance man and is so handsome.

    • fashionablymale

      Thank you Josh. Thank you for your kind words. It’s informative and easy to digest. Lol

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