Etro Mens Spring 2024 Milan Cover

Etro Menswear Spring 2024 Milan

Unveiling #Etroallegories, the Etro Men’s Spring Summer 2024 collection.

While visiting his hometown, @MarcoDeVincenzo stumbled all of a sudden onto a copy of Cesare Ripa’s Iconology: a 16th century repertoire filled with allegorical images depicting virtues, qualities, and vices. 
The encounter triggered a detour among esoteric arcana and amusing representations full of hidden meanings. A detour that originated in the past but swiftly led to the present moment. What are memes, GIFs, and even tiktoks if not ways to allow images to say something else, or just simply communicating thoughts in non-verbal ways? 

And isn’t the act itself of putting together an outfit, also, an allegorical deed that charges image-making with communicative powers?

Exactly one year after his arrival at Etro, Marco De Vincenzo is already handling the brand. Perhaps it’s those seven days (according to his confession) that he spent locked in the archives, or maybe it’s because the brand’s iconoclasm is still “easy” to grasp due to its recognition. Twelve months feel like ten years of the past, and it seems that the Roman designer was born amidst silk and paisley, the East and bourgeoisie, folk and dandy style.

Then there was also a chance inspiration (a book discovered in Rome, Cesare Ripa’s Iconologia) that perfectly served to tell a new story in the same language: allegory as the subject, resulting in a representation that is perfect for Etro.

De Vincenzo is enthusiastic about everything, but especially about the team: “I never play alone. I have never felt like a free agent.” A beautiful concept. Well done.

Marco De Vincenzo, the Roman designer leading Etro, finds inspiration in the team and rejects individualism. Discover his vision for the brand, blending silk, paisley, and diverse styles in perfect harmony.

Explore Etro’s allegorical representations and embrace their unique storytelling.

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Discover the new Etro Spring Summer 2024 Men’s collection designed by Marco De Vincenzo.

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