Nacho Penín by Lorenzo Fanfani

Model Nacho Penín’s Artistic Encounter with Photographer Lorenzo Fanfani

What you’re about to witness is merely a glimpse of the artistic encounter between top model Nacho Penin and photographer Lorenzo Fanfani.

Nacho Penín by Lorenzo Fanfani

Model Nacho Penín had this encounter (possibly) in Milan while he was working at Milan Fashion Week, where he modeled for various brands like Dolce&Gabbana and Lois Jeans.

Nacho Penín by Lorenzo Fanfani

The model has been super busy since the last feature we posted, and he’s totally rocking it as one of the best Top Male Models.

Nacho Penín by Lorenzo Fanfani

The work done with Lorenzo Fanfani is absolutely spectacular. He has truly done an excellent job capturing the lively and youthful essence of Nacho. Additionally, the styling work of Ivan Bontchev is impeccable. It’s clear that a great amount of skill and talent went into this project.

Nacho Penín by Lorenzo Fanfani

“The Trend of being forever young” – A seemingly appealing notion of eternal youth that has captivated the minds of many.

The whole forever long trend thing really messes with reality for so many people, but when you see it being turned into something cool and artistic, it’s seriously mind-blowing. The idea of never-ending stuff really hits hard for lots of folks, but seeing it represented as a form of art is absolutely incredible.

Nacho Penín by Lorenzo Fanfani1
Nacho Penín by Lorenzo Fanfani

Nacho, a model who fearlessly defies gender roles, who consistently exudes confidence and strives to maintain the perfect physique for every gig, deserves nothing less than admiration and appreciation.

Nacho Penín by Lorenzo Fanfani

The team did an incredible job, and I must mention the immense talent of the make-up artist, Greta Chen, who skillfully enhances the natural beauty of individuals. Additionally, I would like to recognize the exceptional hairstyling skills of Marco Minunno, who effortlessly creates stunning and unique hairstyles.

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Their combined expertise and dedication contribute significantly to the overall success of the team’s endeavors.

Nacho Penín by Lorenzo Fanfani

Take a look at the behind-the-scenes clip.

We can expect to see more pictures from this session in the upcoming weeks.

BTS Nacho Penin by Lorenzo Fanfani

Photographer Lorenzo Fanfani @lorenzofanfani
Styled by Ivan Bontchev @ivanbontchev
Hair @marcominunnohair
Beauty @gretachen_
Casting @sarahmariabooth
Producer @k448_studio
Style assistant @ludovicaperissinotto

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