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Miami Swim Week Resort 2023

The wait is over: The shows returned to Miami Beach, Florida, hosting runway shows from July 3 to July 10, 2023 powered by Art Hearts Fashion. Over 50 public and industry events took place, showcasing the work of 100 veteran and emerging designers.

Eyewear style Lissa
Photographer @jonas.fashionfiles
Model @chandsmith
Eyewear style Lissa @lecurieparis Photographer @jonas.fashionfiles Model @chandsmith wearing Argyle Grant

The fashion extravaganza captivated attendees and fashion enthusiasts alike, as the vibrant city of Miami Beach became a hotbed of style and creativity.

Eyewear style Lissa Photographer @jonas.fashionfiles Model @chandsmith
Eyewear style Lissa Photographer @jonas.fashionfiles Model @chandsmith

The carefully curated runway shows mesmerized the audience, unveiling a myriad of breathtaking collections that pushed the boundaries of design. From avant-garde couture to streetwear chic, the event celebrated the diversity and innovation of the fashion industry. With the participation of both seasoned designers and exciting new talents, Powered by Art Hearts Fashion offered a platform for artistic expression and collaboration. As the evenings turned into a symphony of lights and music, fashion aficionados and trendsetters gathered to witness the convergence of art and fashion.

Photographer @jonas.fashionfiles
Model @donald.montero
Photographer @jonas.fashionfiles Model @donald.montero

The bustling atmosphere of the shows created a dynamic space where designers, buyers, and fashion journalists mingled, fostering new connections and paving the way for future ventures.

Photographer @jonas.fashionfiles
Model @donald.montero
Photographer @jonas.fashionfiles Model @donald.montero

As the sun gracefully descended over Miami Beach, now electrified by the energetic vibes of DC Swim Week, an overwhelming wave of enthusiastic anticipation swept through the atmosphere, captivating all individuals as they eagerly awaited the upcoming game-changing collections and the promising evolution of swimwear for both gentlemen and ladies.

Argyle Grant

Swim and resort brand Argyle Grant blew everyone away with an irresistibly sizzling and seductive casting led by the mesmerizing model Lee Torren.

Argyle Grant presented sexy cuts on briefs and shorts, presenting new patterns and colorful designs, highlighted the male figure, not only for slim body, but also for athletes and figures who like to do sports. Their collection embodies a fusion of style and functionality, making it ideal for individuals who appreciate both fashion and physical activity. The attention to detail in their designs is evident, as they prioritize both comfort and aesthetics.

With an immense array of choices, Argyle Grant wholeheartedly caters to the magnificent array of tastes and preferences that men possess, aiming to elevate their wardrobes with chic and athletic ensembles, complemented by the exquisite eyewear crafted by L’Écurie Paris.

On the runway, we are graced with the presence of well-known faces, most of whom are Instagram sensations.

Take, for instance, the captivating model Chand Smith, making an impressive debut at MSW. Not to mention the dashing Luke Todd, the irresistible Jake Szylak, the charismatic Alex Robert, the enigmatic T.Y.JI, the charming Noah J. Richter, the striking newcomer Miles Thomas Nightingale, the seductive Owen Lindberg, the influential Dean McCarthy, the captivating Daniel Ball, the spotted Xavier Rodriguez, the captivating Harrison Bock, and the lovely Wyatt Engeman, among other captivating individuals who grace this occasion.

Whether you have a slim physique or are a fitness enthusiast, their collection offers something for everyone, making it the go-to brand for those who desire to showcase their masculinity with confidence and style.

Bikini Beach Australia

Bikini Beach Australia is proud to be in Miami for Miami Art Basel to present their latest Women’s and Men’s Summer collection. Bikini Beach Australia is thrilled to be participating in Miami Art Basel, where they will showcase their newest collection for both women and men. With their dedication to providing fashionable golf garments, swimwear, Bikini Beach Australia is excited to showcase a wide range of stylish options that are perfect for the summer season.

Henri Costa

Henri Costa is a brand that specializes in Men’s Street and Beach Wear, designed specifically for those in Cali. The brand truly understands and embraces the casual coastal lifestyle. Whether you are fortunate enough to live near the beach or simply love tropical holidays, Henri Costa’s vision is dedicated to providing you with comfortable clothing that perfectly embodies and celebrates the beauty of coastal living.

Whether you’re enjoying the sun at your preferred beach resort or unwinding in the comfort of your own backyard with loved ones, rest assured that Henri Costa knows exactly how to elevate the best moments of your life. And let’s not forget about the impeccably designed loungewear, crafted from fabrics that are both stylish and truly soothing.

Get ready to embrace an experience that exudes confidence and adds an extra touch of relaxation to your lifestyle.


This is the first time we are featuring Marqueza, a brand by Bibyana Morales. For the men’s collection, they have incorporated snakes-patterns and leopard prints on swim shorts.

The shorts have a cut-length design and are paired with tropical backgrounds. To complete the look, the models are accessorizing with eyewear from L’Écurie Paris.

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Mistertriple X

The Mistertriple X by Erik Rosete has undergone a remarkable transformation. The brand has truly evolved and is now characterized by a fearless attitude, absolutely unapologetic and not giving a damn about anyone’s opinion.

“The Mistertriple X by Erik Rosete has boldly catapulted into an exhilarating new era, setting tongues wagging and pulses racing!”


Bold, daring cuts on shorts, surfer-inspired lengths, and captivating paisley patterns reminiscent of stone motifs—all meticulously designed for a scorching summer or any special occasion.

Embrace your unique style by donning a tailored jacket, paired effortlessly with your cherished sneakers, and make your way to Miami’s most vibrant club. Let your fashion statement shine through!

Naughty Boy Golf

It’s taking the world of golfwear to the next level. With tenacity and bold style, it caters to the Gen Z who are eager to don high-end tops and pants, making a confident fashion statement. This is Naughty Boy Golf.

Who would have ever thought that golf garments could be considered boring? I firmly believe that now is the perfect time for you to fully embrace the elegance of the golf era and exude the confidence and charm of a mischievous golf enthusiast.

Defying conventions and preconceived notions in the world of golf and fashion – all for the pinnacle of golf attire.

The brand confidently declares itself as the true trailblazer in introducing golf’s most opulent performance brand. Meticulously crafted and designed to withstand the test of time, we are here to redefine excellence.

Quick side-note, it’s worth mentioning that the dashing and assertive model Mike Koelen is the one who confidently adorns himself in the irresistibly provocative ‘NAUGHTY BOY GOLF’ shorts.

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Nike Swim

Our latest review is Nike Swim, and they are making waves at Miami Swim Week. Get ready to dive into their stunning new collection for the upcoming Spring/Summer 2024 season!

Presented at the Foutainebleau Hotel Miami Beach, the collection for men and women has really stood out. We’ve got the timeless 12″ length shorts, some rad surfer options, and a whole range of bold and vibrant colors and trendy patterns that add a touch of coolness. Check it out! The Foutainebleau Hotel is simply the place to be.

Thank you to all the incredibly talented individuals and amazing people who made Miami Swim Week such a phenomenal event! We truly appreciate your hard work and dedication. Looking forward to seeing you all again next year for another unforgettable experience.

Miami Swim Week® The Shows 2023 powered by @dcswimweekofficial & @ArtHeartsFashion.

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