Summer 2024 collection by Daniel Lee

Burberry Menswear RTW Spring 2024 London

The highly anticipated second collection by Daniel Lee for Burberry has arrived. While the presence of trenches was to be expected, the introduction of the expertly crafted extreme belted drop waist offered a fresh and innovative perspective. The question remains: was this new proposition met with success?

The inaugural collection by Lee, now available at Burberry retail locations, has captured attention due to unexpectedly elevated price points. The imminent market reaction to this development remains to be observed with interest.

At Burberry “This job is way bigger than just a show. What we’re doing right now is redefining everything.”

said Daniel Lee ahead of this sophomore effort.

If the previous season marked a highly anticipated introduction, characterized by the vibrant explosion of color, intricate patterns, and innovative bag designs, the upcoming spring season signifies a fresh beginning for Daniel Lee. His objective is to strategically establish standout products within Burberry’s range — lucrative investments aimed at facilitating the brand’s achievement of a commendable long-term revenue of 5 billion pounds.

Lee, renowned for his exceptional expertise in the realm of accessories, has dedicated considerable time and effort to perfecting his craft and refining his artistic vision. Recently, he presented a remarkable collection that showcases an abundance of silver and gold accessories, exuding a strong and confident aura reminiscent of a modern-day motorcycle enthusiast. Embracing a touch of medieval heraldry, meticulously blended with a strong commercial appeal, this collection truly embodies Lee’s unmistakable finesse.

“Lee expressed a strong desire to create apparel that resonates with individuals’ preferences, as he shared his thoughts during a preview at Burberry’s temporary design studio in Soho. While British eccentricity may occasionally make an appearance in the collections, Lee firmly believes in grounding Burberry with a foundation of classicism.”


He is envisioning strategies that extend beyond the confines of the runway, contemplating how the designs will seamlessly translate to the physical retail space and the digital realm of e-commerce.

“This job is way bigger than just a show, and what we’re doing right now is redefining everything,” Lee explained. “The brand is obviously known for the trenchcoat and I do think we have very beautiful scarves, but aside from those products, there’s not really that ownership. There’s no accessory or standout ready-to-wear outside of the trench. So there’s a lot to build — which is very exciting.”

Daniel Lee

The designer aspired to maintain a fluid and feminine touch in his initial spring collection, while purposefully crafting a show that exuded ease and clarity. Evidently, these are the qualities that resonate with individuals who engage with the brand. Guests were graciously seated on verdant park benches beneath an expansive checkered tent situated within London’s esteemed Highbury Fields.

Lee elevated the level of opulence by incorporating silk and exclusive yarns into Burberry’s iconic gabardine trenches.

The assortment exhibited greater cohesion compared to the previous season, indicating Lee’s focused efforts to cultivate the brand’s distinctive repertoire.

Borrowing inspiration from the hardware featured on Burberry’s bags, a stylish chain print elegantly adorns silk shirts, trenches, tiered ruffle dresses, and scarves. The Shield bag, a modern creation shaped by the vibrant blue rendition of the archival Equestrian Knight emblem reinvented by Lee, adds a sophisticated touch to the collection.

The recent addition of the knight emblem was also observed as the prominently showcased mega-buckle on the belt worn by the male model, who confidently concluded the fashion show.

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Summer 2024 collection by Daniel Lee.

Utilizing Burberry’s sporty and performance-driven heritage, Lee incorporated a collection of stylish moto-inspired silhouettes. This included an innovative trench style featuring a wide, elegantly draping belt, an exquisite ice white leather biker jacket, and alluring asymmetric dresses with captivating zigzagging zipper accents.

Burberry has also emphasized its association with the brand’s British heritage. Ahead of the show, the company orchestrated a branding campaign in central London, transforming the signage of Bond Street tube station into “Burberry Street” and partnering with Norman’s, a renowned café in north London recognized for its traditional British cuisine. For more information on this event, you can read about it in detail here.

Summer 2024 collection by Daniel Lee

Incorporating elements of British fruits and flowers, Lee skillfully integrated a delightful blue strawberry print into the tops and a charming cherry design onto the shorts for the spring collection.

In line with the comprehensive assortment put forth by Lee, it is imperative to direct our attention towards the footwear selection. Within this range, one can discern several noteworthy styles, such as the mesmerizing psychedelic mules in blue or gold, the exquisite tall sandals adorned with leafy motifs, and, for gentlemen, slip-on shoes reminiscent of the fashionable trends from the 1970s, embellished with lustrous hardware elements.

Summer 2024 collection by Daniel Lee

In the upcoming month, the esteemed Equestrian Knight is poised to grace the cities of Seoul, Shanghai, and subsequently, New York, as part of an esteemed endeavor named Burberry Streets. This visionary initiative encompasses a collection of immersive experiences, thought-provoking installations, and captivating events.

Lee’s discernment is accurate in stating that his role extends well beyond a temporary exhibition. In the forthcoming months, his conceptualizations will permeate numerous diverse offerings and sectors as he leaves an indelible mark on the brand.

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