Styling Swim Trunks for Different Occasions

Styling Swim Trunks for Different Occasions

Swim trunks are mainly associated with swimming and other water activities. Designers are releasing new options that can be a great fit for different occasions. These new designs are versatile enough to make you look stylish and catch the eye, whether you are walking along the beach or lounging beside a swimming pool. Let’s look at occasions where you can style swim trunks so that they are stylish and appropriate.

Styling Swim Trunks for a Beach Party

While you should always be dressed smartly and formally in everyday life, beach parties allow you to let loose and experiment with new styles. There are numerous options, so how can you style swim trunks when attending one?

A common option is pairing designer swim trunks with loose, open-button linen or cotton shirts. This pairing creates a dressier aesthetic, allowing you to effortlessly straddle the line between formal and casual.

Another option is to pair them with a lightweight T-shirt. This is the perfect option for those who want to go for a swim because t-shirts are much easier to put on and remove compared to shirts. You can wear a white t-shirt with the right designer swim trunks, or you can go with a graphic t-shirt for a more laid-back look.

Casual Beach Day

A day relaxing in the sun requires balancing comfort and style. Pairing swim trunks with a tank top allows you to embrace a casual look while benefiting from the functionality of the bottoms if you wish to go for a swim.

You can also go in a different direction with your style by opting for a polo shirt. Polo shirts have been a staple of men’s fashion for so long because they go with almost anything. You can easily switch from a lazy day on the beach to an active night by switching your swim trunks for lounge pants once you leave the beach and still look great.

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Pool Parties

Style options for pool parties are similar to those of a beach party because the main difference is the presence or absence of a sandy beach. A pool party requires that you prepare for out-of-water and in-water activities, and swim trunks are perfect for both. 

Styling Swim Trunks for Different Occasions

The reason is that you can wear them without a top or shirt and still look great. They also dry quickly, meaning you do not have to deal with them sticking to your skin and making you uncomfortable for too long.

Water Sport Events

The summer presents numerous opportunities to enter and compete in water sports events. You will need functional swim trucks for such events, although you can go the casual route if you are not too keen on winning and are just happy to get involved.

Styling Swim Trunks for Different Occasions

Swim trunks are also ideal for training, but you will need a rash guard depending on where you are training for the water sport event.

Many people think swim trunks are only for the beach and when you are in the water. That is not true because they can be a great fit for different events and occasions, but only if you know how to style them correctly.

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