Mango Man Designed by Boglioli: A Sartorial Collaboration Redefining Blazers

Mango Man Designed by Boglioli: A Sartorial Collaboration Redefining Blazers

Discover a unique sartorial collaboration between Milanese tailoring house Boglioli and Mango, blending tradition and avant-garde to redefine the classic blazer. Explore a collection of versatile, timeless blazers that embody both brands’ commitment to elegance and quality.

In a remarkable fusion of heritage and contemporary style, the iconic Milanese tailoring house Boglioli joins forces with Mango to breathe new life into the classic blazer. This sartorial collaboration reimagines traditional craftsmanship for the modern gentleman. From the selection of premium materials to artisanal European craftsmanship, this partnership is an ode to timeless elegance.

Mango Man Designed by Boglioli AW 2023 Collection

A Tale of Two Cities

Boglioli, rooted in the early 1900s, brings to the table a rich legacy of tailoring expertise. Their dedication to heritage, quality, and timeless design is the cornerstone of this collaboration. Paired with the Barcelona-based fashion brand Mango, known for its modern and adaptable style, the result is nothing short of extraordinary.

This joint venture has given birth to a collection of eight meticulously crafted blazers. Each piece represents a harmonious blend of tradition and avant-garde, redefining the very essence of the blazer. It’s a testament to the commitment both brands share for the modern gentleman who seeks style and versatility in their everyday attire.

Mango Man Designed by Boglioli AW 2023 Collection

What sets this collection apart is the meticulous attention to detail. Every aspect, from the choice of fabrics to the stitching, has been handled with precision and care. The blazers are not just clothing items; they are pieces of art. Crafted in top European sewing workshops using the finest Italian fabrics, they speak volumes about the pursuit of excellence.

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Founded in the early 1900s, the Milanese tailoring house Boglioli has made its heritage its core value. When combined with the contemporary character of Barcelona, the result is a unique sartorial collaboration that reinterprets the concept of the blazer, taking it to its most versatile expression.

One of the most striking elements is the choice of tanned leather, a material known for its durability and timeless appeal. It’s a nod to the fact that these blazers are not just for a season; they are designed to withstand the test of time and changing trends. The collection encapsulates the timeless essence of premium garments.

You can explore this first edition of impeccably crafted blazers, which are part of Mango’s Selection collection. The emphasis here is on quality and versatility, making these blazers suitable for various occasions. Whether you’re dressing up for a formal event or aiming for a more casual look, these blazers fit the bill perfectly. They become the centerpiece of a modern gentleman’s wardrobe.

Mango Man Designed by Boglioli AW 2023 Collection

The Boglioli x Mango collaboration has given birth to a collection that beautifully marries tradition with contemporary style.

These blazers are more than garments; they are statements of timeless elegance and quality. The blend of top-notch European craftsmanship and premium Italian fabrics is a testament to the pursuit of excellence.

As you embark on building your premium wardrobe, make sure to explore Mango’s Selection collection, where the blazer takes center stage.

Elevate your style effortlessly with this exceptional collaboration. Explore the timeless collection at mango.com Stay tuned for a unique sartorial collaboration, launching 25 October.

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