10/10 (Ten out of Ten) “Only Young Once!” Collection

10/10 is a menswear brand that focuses on presenting modern styles with uniquely intricate detailing like none other. Its trans-seasonal pieces draw inspiration from many spectrums from geometry to Gundam. 10/10 combines traditional tailoring and street wear with the avant-garde.
The unique garments are a staple for any wardrobe that wishes to be awakened.
“Only Young Once!” stemmed from the idea of the fearlessness in youth, through clothing. A young spirit that wishes to express itself loudly and with its own voice. The pieces themselves are created with precision cutting and colour-blocking that continue to represent the foundations of the brand.
The placement of specific detailing mirrors the unexpected personality of the human character, whilst multiplying it. Everybody has a voice, but
not everybody can be heard.
10/10 is an amplifier for every look, with garments that perfectly compliment every type of lifestyle.

20120805-090117 p.m..jpg

20120805-090123 p.m..jpg

20120805-090131 p.m..jpg

20120805-090136 p.m..jpg

20120805-090141 p.m..jpg

20120805-090147 p.m..jpg

20120805-090152 p.m..jpg

20120805-090157 p.m..jpg

20120805-090204 p.m..jpg

20120805-090209 p.m..jpg

20120805-090220 p.m..jpg

20120805-090226 p.m..jpg

20120805-090232 p.m..jpg

20120805-090237 p.m..jpg

20120805-090242 p.m..jpg

20120805-090246 p.m..jpg

20120805-090251 p.m..jpg

20120805-090256 p.m..jpg

20120805-090300 p.m..jpg

20120805-090304 p.m..jpg

20120805-090308 p.m..jpg

20120805-090314 p.m..jpg

20120805-090318 p.m..jpg

20120805-090323 p.m..jpg

20120805-090327 p.m..jpg

20120805-090331 p.m..jpg

20120805-090336 p.m..jpg

20120805-090340 p.m..jpg

20120805-090346 p.m..jpg

20120805-090350 p.m..jpg

20120805-090355 p.m..jpg

20120805-090359 p.m..jpg

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