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What to Wear in 2020? Latest Men fashion Trends

The newest fashion trends aren’t perhaps the menswear community’s favorite topics, right? Wrong! Everybody wants to dress well and be in style, both men and women. And, in 2020, such stereotypes should be completely eliminated. Dressing well doesn’t make you any less of a man. So, even the manliest men should know how to dress to impress.

Here are the latest 2020 fashion trends that should dictate what you have in your wardrobe:  

Alpine allure 

With wellness and working out trends gaining momentum, the fashion community is absolutely in love with sportswear. So much that it actually dictated 2020’s fashion trend called “alpine allure”. 

It’s comfortable, practical, and starting this season, stylish too! Major brands like Prada, Kenzo or Cottweiler have all embraced this mountainwear trend. But, wait, there is more! In order to make it even more interesting, alpine allure looks even more spectacular now as it includes neon motifs. So, despite last year’s fashion predictions for 2020’s fashion trends, neon colors are here to stay, for this year’s trends at least. 

The “Men in black” trend is back 

Let’s be honest, the black suit and tie trend should have never disappeared in the first place. It’s elegant, works for pretty much all special occasions, and gives men that mysterious yet interesting charm. 

In fact, we could say that the black suit and tie is a classic trend that will most likely never go away. Yet, there has been just a small improvement brought to this trend and that is the black sunglasses that add even more mystery to the outfit. 

This year, you should add in your wardrobe a meticulously tailored suit, a white shirt and an ultra-skinny tie for the future special occasions you will attend. If you are a fan of slim-fit clothing, turn to Saint Laurent for some inspiration for your “men in black” outfit. Meanwhile, if you prefer baggy outfits, you may find your inspiration from the runway shows of Celine. 

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Off white, beige, gray, you name it, monochrome outfits from the head to the top will give you that quiet confidence look you need. going all white, beige or gray is a sure-fire way to have an interesting yet not flashy look. 

Yet, if you think it’s all looking too much in just one color, don’t hesitate to add a few different-colored accessories or shoes to tone it down. 

Need some inspiration? Take a look at Fendi’s, Ami’s or Louis Vuitton’s runway shows to see how to embrace the monochrome trend and add it to your wardrobe. 

Pink joins the men’s fashion scene 

The color pink has slowly joined the men’s fashion scene for a long time now. pale pink or salmon pink t-shirts have already gained momentum among men. Yet, in 2020, we will be seeing full neon pink outfits, from the head to the toe, as men are no longer afraid to express their sensitive side through clothing. 

While pastel shades do wonders to add a touch of interest to an outfit, a full neon pink outfit will scream “interesting” as soon as you walk into the room. Plus, if you truly want to express your sensitive side through your clothing style, the good news is that there is no more limit now. Want to complete your pink suit with a tulle ribbon? Then don’t hesitate and do it. 

And, if you still think that pink is not a manly color, remember that even Jason Momoa wears the hell out of the color pink with every Oscar occasion he has. 

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For those men who are in love with their leather motorcycle allure, we have good news: full leather outfits are a huge trend in 2020. So, you no longer have to bring an extra outfit for after you ride your motorcycle to an event as a full leather outfit will have the style credentials confirmed in a blink of an eye. 

Dior Homme, Berlutti, and Alyx have all included the full leather outfit in their runway shows for this year’s trends. so, if you think you would need some inspiration on which leather clothing to add to your wardrobe, you know where to find it. 

Leopard print 

Who says that men can’t express their spirit animal through their clothing style? The leopard print has a very old history in the fashion scene. Although for a very long time it was a print that only women dared to wear, it is now joining men’s fashion trends as well. 

And, if you don’t believe us, take a look at the leopard-printed winter coats from reputable brands like Celine, Versace or Marni to see how much spark they can bring to your outfit. Plus, what better way to free your wild side than by including it in your outfit and showing it to the world? 

Oversized puffers 

Warm, comfortable and stylish! What else would you want from your streetwear jacket? The oversized puffers are gaining momentum these days, especially for the cold season. 

And, let’s be honest, they are perfect to help you hide any outfit you are wearing underneath them. Just woke up and need to buy a coffee but don’t want to take your pajamas off just yet? No problem, get your oversized puffer, zip it and you are good to go. 

Pro tip: extra-long scarves are also making a comeback and work great as accessories for an oversized puffer. Wear it cocoon-like, choose bright colors and don’t forget to let it hang to show its dramatic length. We promise you that both your outfit and your neck will be thankful for your accessory choice. 

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2020’s fashion trends bring some bold concepts on the runways. And, if you are brave enough to embrace them, you will sure-fire be in style and impress with your outfits this year. 

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