Adrian Cardoso for TRASH by Ronchi Menswear collection

The official Facebook fan page of Adrian Cardoso shares TRASH for Rochi Menswear New Collection 2012. In this time Adrian looks so handsome. Check it out.

20120808-090946 p.m..jpg

20120808-090950 p.m..jpg

20120808-090954 p.m..jpg

20120808-090958 p.m..jpg

20120808-091002 p.m..jpg

20120808-091006 p.m..jpg

20120808-091015 p.m..jpg

20120808-091019 p.m..jpg

20120808-091023 p.m..jpg

20120808-091026 p.m..jpg

20120808-091030 p.m..jpg

20120808-091010 p.m..jpg

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