Thorben Gartner by Jeff Hahn

Thorben Gartner shot by Jeff Hahn and styled by Andrew Davis with pieces from Raf Simons, Burberry and more, for the November/December 2012 issue of Wonderland magazine.

20121111-072347 p.m..jpg

20121111-072353 p.m..jpg

20121111-072357 p.m..jpg

20121111-072401 p.m..jpg

20121111-072405 p.m..jpg

20121111-072409 p.m..jpg

20121111-072413 p.m..jpg

20121111-072418 p.m..jpg

20121111-072422 p.m..jpg

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  1. mooie harige benen en armen heeft het model

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