French beauty Matthieu Riffi by Photographer Kevin Moore

matthieu by kevin matthieu by kevin2 matthieu by kevin3 matthieu by kevin4 matthieu by kevin5 matthieu by kevin6 matthieu by kevin7 matthieu by kevin8 matthieu by kevin9

Finally is here!

I’ve been waiting for a long time to post an article about french beauty Matthieu Riffi and is finally here on Fashionably Male, he’s photographed by talented Kevin Moore where you can check it out here http://arteophoto.wordpress.com/. Enjoy this kind of portrait, where Matthieu shows how to be sexy.

Is not gonna be last time, so be ready to all Matthieu’s fan.



  1. […] this week I’ve chatting with Parisina beauty male model Matthieu Riffi, he kindly shared his latest work with Photographer Kris Schmitz, so this weekend I’m going […]

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