Benjamin GodfreIMG_5914 Benjamin GodfreIMG_5772_1 Benjamin GodfreIMG_5822 Benjamin GodfreIMG_5879_1Benjamin Godfre

The Warrior an editorial by photographer Gabriel Gastelum starring one of the beautiful male models (most search on the net and #1 Top stats 2012 here in Fashionably Male) Benjamin Godfre. We are never get enough of this lad.

“I’m going to cover you completely in powder.”

Usually when a model hears a concept like that he/she thinks “oh Great..”, but not Benjamin. I am pretty sure Benjamin responded to that idea with a “Heck Yeah!” I wanted to go for a strong and warrior vibe. Powder does some awesome things when it is thrown around so I had Benjamin(completely in the buff) jump around, hit his chest, punch the air, etc.

At the end of the shoot, we had some amazing images, but my apartment was covered in white powder.

“It looks like a cocaine deal gone wrong!”

I only picked a few to showcase on this blog (because some are not safe for work if you know what I mean), but if you want to check out photos of the full editorial, please visit my [Tumblr]. I post pictures on there that are a bit more on the risque side.



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