Lacoste Fall/Winter 2013

20130210-095746 a.m..jpg

20130210-095751 a.m..jpg

20130210-095757 a.m..jpg

20130210-095801 a.m..jpg

20130210-095805 a.m..jpg

20130210-095810 a.m..jpg

20130210-095816 a.m..jpg

20130210-095820 a.m..jpg

20130210-095826 a.m..jpg

20130210-095831 a.m..jpg

20130210-095835 a.m..jpg

20130210-095839 a.m..jpg

20130210-095844 a.m..jpg

20130210-095848 a.m..jpg

20130210-095853 a.m..jpg

Portuguese designer Felipe Oliveira Baptista created a sleek and futuristic Lacoste Fall/Winter 2013 collection for the modern explorer, featuring geometric color-blocking, voluminous silhouettes and outerwear wit topography and iceberg prints.

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