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Review: Fu e=fu8 Underwear Line

Being a men’s fashion blogger, I had the pleasure of reviewing 3 different pairs of FU e=fu8 Underwear:

The Pleasure X8 Cut, the FU-SCO Bikini Cut, and the Classic, priced at $88.88, $37.88 and $28.88 respectively. They are luxury, designer underwear (Made in NYC) for those who love & enjoy the finer things in life.


Sometimes you just want to wear something nice underneath, even if most people won’t see it, they will notice how great you feel and that will rub off on them. Women have 2 things, bras and panties, men have underwear, so make the most of it!

I have to start by saying that variety is the spice of life, and it’s so fantastic that there are so many cuts and styles in men’s underwear, available to the male underwear consumer today.  I would not want to wear one type of underwear for the rest of my life. Underwear is very intimate and it should be fun and make you feel sexy; which is exactly what these three pairs of FU e=fu8 Underwear did for me, they feel sexy to the touch.

I love that they are Made in NYC. I don’t remember the last time I ever had underwear made in the Big Apple! I am also in love with the name, FU, and the equation, e=fu8. There is something very intriguing about it or what the French refer to as je ne sais quoi.

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The Classic in blue is a cut/style that works well for all body types, very clean, simple lines and will keep you nice and supported throughout the day and night. I wore them everywhere and they just feel super comfortable, almost like I’m wearing next to nothing. This is a staple that every guy should own in their underwear drawer.

The FU-SCO Bikini Cut in orange is cutely and appropriately named because it is bikini style underwear, less coverage in the front, so your male package is more pronounced and the center of attention.  It allows for more freedom of movement because the fronts of your thighs are bare; exposed.  I love the sexy pouch in the front, very supporting and well designed to hold you in place no matter how hard you work or play. It is a perfect fit and the back has a nice, just right, coverage for your (bubble) butt.


The Pleasure X8 Cut in white with royal purple is gorgeous. “What Adam would have worn, when banished from the Garden of Eden.”   I love the shape of them, very unique and eye catching.  Very well designed and sewn.  They feel like a velvet glove, extremely sexy, the enclosed fly keeps you nice and supported, the stitching in the back of the underwear hugs your (bubble) butt, so you feel very aware of your body, a nice feeling.  I love how eye catching the white with royal purple trim looks. Very stylish and fresh, it just pops. I love how they looked and felt on me.  I so enjoy them that I would not be shy to change in a locker room and have everyone see my sexy Pleasure X8 Cut underwear.  I think you will love how sexy this Pleasure X8 Cut will make you look & feel.

Stylish Underwear Warning:  Don’t be surprised if you find people staring at your waistline, as the elastic is beautiful to look at.  Everyone will be sure to do a double take to make sure that they are seeing the words (FU) they thought that they saw; along with the enigmatic formula e=fu8.  It is the designer’s formula for “the pleasure principle”, because he (FU) wanted to design underwear that would give you pleasure when you wear them. Or in his own words:  I hope guys who wear my FU e=fu8 Underwear & those who see it will be reminded to carpe diem, & make the most out of their precious time; to spend it pursuing things that bring & enhance their life’s pleasurable experiences. Life is too short to live any other way.

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The pleasure principle…..The most beautiful and unforgettable men in the world wear FU e=fu8 Underwear. 

See for more information.

FU e=fu8 tee shirt review coming up in the near future!


Models: DeAngelo O Scales and Darius Goodworth
Vaughn Stewart — Photographer

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