Dan Murphy by Joseph Lally in ‘Elegant Sexual’

20130512-024448 p.m..jpg

20130512-024454 p.m..jpg

20130512-024459 p.m..jpg

20130512-024503 p.m..jpg

20130512-024509 p.m..jpg

20130512-024513 p.m..jpg

20130512-024518 p.m..jpg

20130512-024522 p.m..jpg

20130512-024526 p.m..jpg

20130512-024531 p.m..jpg

20130512-024534 p.m..jpg

20130512-024538 p.m..jpg

Photographer Joseph Lally presents Model Dan Murphy in “Elegant Sexual” for Lally Pop Magazine.

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  1. You so sexy

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