Philip Fusco by Simon Le for DNA Magazine

20130512-025737 p.m..jpg

20130512-025741 p.m..jpg

20130512-025745 p.m..jpg

20130512-025749 p.m..jpg

20130512-025753 p.m..jpg

20130512-025757 p.m..jpg

20130512-025801 p.m..jpg

20130512-025805 p.m..jpg

20130512-025809 p.m..jpg

I know Philip Fusco is one of the hottest guy in the scene. So that’s why I decided to make a blog about it in the last issue from DNA Magazine. Captured by photographer Simon Le. Philip’s wearing top brand underwear like Aussiebum, Todd Sandfield and Andrew Christian. Take a look at DNA Mags and enjoy.

  1. beautiful man, are man wath is have nacket can beautiful is.

    • Philip Fusco is one of my favorite models, thanks for the pictures of him.

  2. I would like to know the name or style # of the briefs Philip is wearing in the first picture, the top one that is displayed here. Thanks

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