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I present a new line of underwear for men from Australia. A Luxurious, eco-friendly materials combined with a unique anatomical design give men a comfort and freedom never thought possible. Named Obviously Underwear http://www.obviously.com.au/ Original and clean fits, cool fabrics and comfy designs. Try it and a wear it now!


The remarkable journey continues with the release of Obviously’s first Bamboo fibre products – the EveryMan™ Range. The range is specifically designed for Every Man to wear Every Day and provides an affordable addition to your underwear collection.

The EveryMan™ Range is made from a high quality custom blend of Bamboo Rayon and Lycra fabric which provides the perfect balance between comfort, freedom and support.  The EveryMan™ Range comes in 5 totally new products:

–          Boxer Brief 3 Inch Leg – $18.95 AUD

–          Boxer Brief 9 Inch Leg – $18.95 AUD

–          Brief – $16.95 AUD

–          Trunk – $18.95 AUD

–          Hipster Brief – $16.95 AUD

Each of these products is a complete redesign from anything Obviously has done previously, the body of each garment has been re-engineered for improved comfort and a better fit, and customers will find the fit slightly larger and more spacious. 

These new designs ensure that every everyone can find their favourite piece of every day underwear, whether is Trunks or Long Leg Boxers, at an affordable price – while never sacrificing comfort or quality.


The EveryMan™ Range does not feature Obviously’s signature anatomical pouch but rather features 2 new contour front designs –Comfort and Classic.

The Comfort contour features a single panel front for an enhanced level of comfort over traditional underwear while still retaining a slim line appearance and providing support. Think of it as a midway point between Obviously’s anatomical pouch and traditional underwear. This pouch design is perfect for guys who desire underwear with a little more support.

The Classic contour front features a classic double panel front with flatlocked double seams and a shallower pouch depth in order to achieve a classic shape with maximum support. This style is more like traditional underwear.

  1. Gorgeous..and the undies are hot 2..lol

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