Fresh Face: Adam Dawda by Roberutsu

Fresh faced Adam Dawda at Numa Models, builds up his portfolio with a radiant new shoot by Roberutsu.Adam-Dawda-Roberutsu-01 Adam-Dawda-Roberutsu-02 Adam-Dawda-Roberutsu-03 Adam-Dawda-Roberutsu-04 Adam-Dawda-Roberutsu-05 Adam-Dawda-Roberutsu-06 Adam-Dawda-Roberutsu-07 Adam-Dawda-Roberutsu-08 Adam-Dawda-Roberutsu-09 Adam-Dawda-Roberutsu-10 Adam-Dawda-Roberutsu-11 Adam-Dawda-Roberutsu-12

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  1. Calvin B

    He’s beautiful, perfect.

  2. […] Male. Canadian fashion, portraiture, and art photographer Roberutsu created a feature video for Adam Dawda‘s new agency in Europe, the famous Attitude Models. All in America knows Adam and the work […]

  3. He’s amazing! HOT!

  4. Reblogged this on and commented:
    Adam’s about as Gorgeous as you can get without over doing it! That face and body to die for… I’d give him something NSFW…

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