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The beautifully subtle “Personas‘ shot film for GQ Italia ‘s October Issue is work of directors Marco Adamo Graziosi & Maria Host-Ivessich captured with styling from fashion editor Andrea Porro and grooming from Guja Rigattieri, Nico Doniele Scegiel at HM Battaglia.

Stars of the video are Andrey ZacharovCasey TaylorCorey BaptisteChris Moore,Dominik BauerFrederik MeijnenGreg NawratHao YunxiangJohn ToddKacey,Marlon TeixeiraRafa BodgarRobert LabySimone NobiliTom BarkerWouter Peelen, and Yannick Abrath.

See also  Eric Nally by Tetsuharu Kubota
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