Luan Polli by Xavier Samré

Luan Polli1 Luan Polli2 Luan Polli3 Luan Polli4 Luan Polli5 Luan Polli6 Luan Polli6-a Luan Polli7 Luan Polli8 Luan Polli9 Luan Polli10 Luan Polli11 Luan Polli12 Luan Polli13 Luan Polli14

Debuting for the first time in Fashionably Male, Brazilian newcomer 21 yo, soccer athlete and represented by 40 Graus Models in Rio de Janeiro, this young  stunner named Luan Polli  plays soccer at a very high level, he’s one of the goal keeper of Flamengo Team a very soccer recognized team and plays at the prestigious Maracana in Rio. This stunning images are photographed by talented Xavier Samré, assisted by Paulo Pinho and Jeff Segenreich, wearing swimsuit and shorts from CA-RIO-CA and Rufskin. So we hope to see this kid more ofte, he’s a good looking and very sexy. Good job everyone!


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    how do you say Delicious? delicioso! Xavier always knows how to get a rise and that’s the best compliment I can give. LOL

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