ART: Evelyn Bencicotva

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Evelyn Bencicotva

Asylum Art


Here, a range of creative Art media. Art, Photography, Design, Painting, Sculpture, Illustration, Drawing, Surreal Art, Digital art, Dark art, Fashion, Contemporary art. Like her compatriot  Klaus Kampert, Berlin-based photographer Evelyn Bencicotva is drawn to the human form.

Her ‘Ecce Homo’ series, which means ‘Behold the man’ in Latin, features photographs of graceful, contorted nude bodies piled on top of and against one another.

Sprawled across open areas and crammed into tight spaces, their expressive body language—curved spines, raised limbs and twisted torsos—seems to hint at meditations on the human condition.

The elegant composition, muted tones and disquieting nature of the images make for a mesmerizing viewing, drawing you in slowly but surely.

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