Rick Owens Mens Spring/Summer 2015 Paris

Richard Saturnino Owens , known as Rick Owens, is an American fashion designer from Porterville, California. Leave it to American designer Rick Owens to think out of this world when it comes to spring/summer 2015. No stranger to unorthodox ideas, Owens sent models down the catwalk with hair obstructing their faces and some even painted odd colors head to toe. Presenting his own take on alien chic, Owens, known for his shades of black, infused the range with color, going from marble gray to blue and plum. Long double-breasted coats and draped elongated tops fit right in with color blocked sarongs. Sleeveless tops were paired with loose minimal shorts. Completing the collection with harnesses and below the knee coats that could easily serve as a look in its own, the last element to take in was the collection’s slouchy boots, Owens’ own take on the moon boot perhaps.

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  1. […] each other, starring by Luizo Vega and Staiv Gentis photography is very good, the collaboration of Rick Owens as a stylist in this intimate project. Luizo work in this project reflects its Argentine roots and […]

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