In this four years we have been so lucky to post the best work of big, successful and famous Fashion Photographers all around the world, from EEUU to Mexico, Canada, Brazil, from Europe like Spain, Milan and France, Asia and Australia.

All this photographers has all one thing in common: a camera.

This post is no to compare, this is only to admire their efforts and hard work, and remind how good they are. But this is also to tell them not to stagnate and move on, they are artists with an instrument, and must develop new interests, new dynamics, and rediscover their potential, before to click the button.

  1. Abo Palomo

Recently, we present the work of this young fashion photographer, who lives in the same city as yo. His vision is clear, with great ideas, not fear their potential and achieve their goal intact fashion and look your best.

We are grateful to present fashion photographer Abo Palomo, known in Mexico City, and stylist Elie Rodriguez join creative forces for a new exclusive featuring newcomer Aurelien, who wants to start in the modeling world, turning a spotlight on unique fashions, Elie highlights looks from Aurelien, who's wearing LOB, Vans, Adidas and clothing from Monica Gallardo. Clear example of professionalism and creative ability, congratulations to all involved.

  1. Calvin Brockington

We have followed his work for over 4 years and every submission gets the better of himself, no doubt Calvin and his work has grown artistically and professionally, has honed his taste for fashion and portrays knows the male body and pays attention to detail.

Gerrad Bohl1

  1. David Wagner

Photographer with an extensive career in Los Angeles and recognized that every guy that lives there, wants to shoot with. David and I have had many conversations mail, and want so much to know and admire so much warmth as a human being, known in detail shadows and lights and that benefits the male body, it definitely gets the best of her work and is well loved by all the blogs.

Fashionably Male presents Steven Brewis by David Wagner

  1. Carlos Khu

His vision is artistic, high fashion, handled seamlessly editing and never lose the details, it is one of the leading exponents of photography in Kuala Lumpur, where closed works on target with his group of assistants and make magic behind the lens.

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The Medley Identities of Big Boys by Carlos Khu Photography | Exclusive

  1. Juan Neira

Juan Neira a resident of Canada photograph, we gave his first essay putting their trust us to show their work to our audience. His work speaks for itself, is a guy who has too many ideas and manages to do the perfect job, takes into account each view, and editing that makes is very good, has worked in Florida and New York portraying the boys more handsome stage as Walter Savage in an exclusive for Fashionably Male. We appreciate very much Juan, thanks for everything.


  1. Matthew Mitchell

He was one of the most famous trials in the history of Fashionably Male and many blogs, the work of Matthew Mitchell another renowned photographer of Los Angeles, lives closely scene models and fashion, and portrays perfect, his career speaks for itself, and never loses his head, always with the feet on the ground. Matthew we waited a second part with Pablo Hernandez.



  1. Charles Quiles

I can not leave behind the work of Charles Quiles who is well liked in our blog. I can mention a very charismatic guy and admire both her work, she has worked for many publishers in New York, worked with models like Kevin Baker, Daniel Garofali projects and have been fortunate to be exclusive to us. Here we see that we worship.



  1. Jvdas Berra

Mexico City demonstrates its potential and having fashion photographers with high quality one is Jvdas Berra who have been fortunate to showcase their work here with us, your work is recognized throughout positioning it Latin America as one of the photographers of the moment he has worked for many magazines and its portfolio is immense. Respect.

Testosterone by Jvdas Berra9

  1. Alex Jackson

His work is perfect, flawless, and has a clever eye that does not miss anything. Alex Jackson has worked for thousands of modeling agencies and fashion magazines every time their work becomes see him more often worldwide, we have been fortunate to be working exclusively with the model of the moment Brandon Bailey, who all charm we see those 4 simple but high resolution, where we see the highest quality.

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Fashionably Male Exclusive Brandon Bailey by Alex Jackson

  1. Johnny Lopera

For 4 years I have been following the work of Johnny Lopera and always wanted an exclusive him, and that day came when we published work on the model and singer Spanish Alejandro Montesinos, as you remember, was very nervous to post it, but all goes well, the images they gave us were beautiful. if you do not know the work of Johnny Lopera is very dear to all bloggers.

Alejandro Montesinos4

  1. Michael Del Buono

This summer we present one of his best works and was exclusive to Fashionably Male, featuring a group of guys, all beautiful, in poses as divine adonis, which has Michael Del Buono is that it has a clever eye and knows how to choose the best models, portrays so well that we always see more and more his work, so I always share a lot of the work because it’s like an addiction in our eyes.

  1. Jeff Seggenreich

Each day grows its ability to portray the most beautiful men in the world brazileños, Jeff Segenreich has captivated us with its magic and has evolved nicely behind the camera, with clear and objective ideas behind the lens does what he likes to , this guy must follow the steps that have much much ability and potential to be worldwide.

Bruno Lage by Jeff Segenreich522

  1. Karl Simone

His work is included in magazines like GQ August Man and portrayed as famous models like Brad Kroeing, cantatas and Joe Jonas, and is well known in New York with a fascinating race, and surely will have a thousand things to tell, Karl Simone is one of our most prized fashion photographers, and who admire forever. If we follow his steps, and note in this 2014 we share an exclusive for Fashionably Male, who charm us to have and share with you all. Karl hope this most exclusive 2015.

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  1. Mikel Marton

We have to cover many directions, and this is the world of erotic photography, male fantasy, frontal nudity without shame, we present a photographer artist Mikel Marton sex, outrageous and provocative ideas, who transcends his camera in hand and directs the sexiest guys not only to pose naked but it also bare their souls, and Mikel portrays everything inside and the outside.


Julien - Photography by Mikel Marton14

  1. Karim Konrad

We have to stand up and applaud the work of Karim Konrad who in this 2014 has surprised us in a way that can not decipher, their work is very well-fought around the world and everyone wants to publish their work, and we had an exclusive recently we charm, .Its edition is perfect, its very unique capture, makes the best graphics and layouts, the models chosen are the best. Thanks for all Karim have so much to do this 2015 to continue publishing your work.

Fashionably Male Exclusive Matt Jesaveluk by Karim Konrad

       .Brian Jamie

We are obsessed with their work, but shhh do not tell him, Brian Jamie is one of those guys who’s everybody is talking  in New York, we are always delighted with the editing, capture, portrait and he chooses the best models of the moment. We could not put aside without mentioning Brian, we love you!


Brandon Zablocki by Brian Jamie Photography

So by the time we finished our ranking of the best fashion photographers, according to our visitors and readers, these were the best photographers of 2014. We look forward to your cooperation for this 2015. But remember is not a competition.

Thank you very much for the best pictures you have shared exclusively for Fashionably Male. Merry Christmas 2014 and behold there’s wait to come…




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