Summary 2018: Best Posts on Fashionably Male

In December 22, 2010 I started to build Fashionably Male when I was depressed and broken hearted. After 8 years, this is a recompilation of the best Posts on Fashionably Male right now.

Melancholy I want to build content on internet, without knowing what path I was traveling by.

I will let you know that Fashionably Male was not easy at all. But I couldn’t quit this project, when I started to receive the material from re-known from all around the world.

Still unknown about Fashionably Male, I can tell you one thing, I won’t quit.

This monthly recompilation is about the more visited posts and articles you guys helped to make viral, making more famous to the models and photographers.


On September of 2017, Alisson Marks sent us an email about an exclusive NSFW content with a new hunk on demand on Instagram, Steve Rogers, in an artistic black and white pics he was style by Stefano Guerrini.


Beloved friend and college, Kai Jankovic sent us an email with the material in exclusive, of Savannah, Georgia’s Premier Male Entertainer, Burlesque Dancer, Artist Model, Muse, and Gogo Boy for you this is Jack portrayed by Jade Young and styled by Kai Jankovic.

We tag Eli Bernard as a yummy yum man on February when we presented some snaps by Tyler Vick for Eli’s Only Fans account profile. But the article went so big, we couldn’t imagine how far went this online.


One of the best work from Mexican photographer Chris Feat. “Golden Cage” featured model Erik Ramos who developed a very good part on the snaps presented on March 7th.

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Greeks Come True its a project using the most sexy and attractive Greeks that could ever exist.

Printed 2019 is now available and you can get it here. The black and white photography highlighted the muscle body and male parts of so many young man and manly man who participated on this Calendar.


On April 3rd, the stats went crazy, we posted the more NSFW pics of Pietro Boselli, even though himself tried to deleted on his Instagram account. Taken by You Tsai, the pictures presented on Flaunt Magazine, the pictures are leaked online and Pietro’s people tried to taken down, but couldn’t do so much. You’re welcome.

Then on April 11 we presented this story by photographer Daniel Alonso and Mexican Instagram sensation Jorge Volkova. The people went completely nuts about it, and did a very welcome entrance on every blog after we posted. Then Jorge came back on August using long blonde dreadlocks.


Proeh Twins are a sensation and everybody can recognized them after our publication from PNV/ David Vance exclusive, then they come with Walter Tabayoyong but the pictures from Michael Dar make people go crazy. Everybody loves to Twit and post Towel Tuesday!

This is Our New Sweet Addiction - Oleksandr Kalinovskyi Thanks to Thomas Synnamon

The two parts of Oleksandr Kalinovskiy were a huge success on Fashionably Male, the photography split on two parts, the first part was present on May 28 by a photography of Thomas Synnamon in his loft in New York. This was the first introduction to the world of who was Oleksandr, he then was post on other online platforms after us.

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This is Our New Sweet Addiction – Oleksandr Kalinovskyi Thanks to Thomas Synnamon Part II

The phenomenon Oleksandr continued with a huge success for the rest two more months, presenting on June the second part, the new Sweet Addiction became so famous and increased his Instagram followers so much. The photography was split on two, while we can see Oleksandr on Thomas’ loft in New York while he is underwear, taking a bath and posing in a couch.

NSFW Ian David like You've Never Seen him Before Photos by Matthew Mitchell

The work of photographer Matthew Mitchell became so damn sexy and good at the same time, Ian David was a huge phenomenon in this countries, US, UK, Mexico, Canada, Spain, France, Italy, Australia, even China and India.


21 SEXY Pics From Joan Crisol that Proves Only The Best with Ele SanMi

On July we post the work of beloved friend Joan Crisol with a new face Ele SanMi an Instagram new face who was participated on underwear brands. The result was a magnetic for our audience. Everybody started to follow Ele right away, and of course we were so happy about this.


Hot ‘n’fit Justin Leonard - Images by Menelik Puryear - PnV Network

The stunning material by photographer Menelik Puryear was fantastic, Justin Leonard plays in front of the lens a very good job while the set is in black and white and color, the Michigan native is modeling nice daily outfits, looks great. College Tom Peaks from PnV Network wrote a nice introduction too.

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Discovering Model Nick Canto Thanks to Scott Teitler

Only 7 pics were enough to go people crazy, featuring model Nick Canto represented by MP Management in Atlanta, the photography by Scott Teitler places as one o the greatest photographer on the male model portrait. Nick is serving a slim but toned figure, modeling in underwear and a towel. You can see the rest on here.


The Presence of Absence: Adrian by Adrian C. Martín

There you go with thousand and thousands of views Adrian C. Martín experimental photography with stunner Adrian, remember that in 2017 photographer Adrian C. Martín was one of the best photographer with a work also with Adrian. Then he became again of the great in October 2018.

Today Featuring #HortonedaTwins by Joan Crisol - Exclusive

No doubt Joan Crisol is always mentioned in our Summaries, in October a month full of Spanish photographers and models. We presented a stunning EXCLUSIVE material by Hortoneda Twins using Modus Vivendi tiny briefs.


NSFW Dom DeRosa Like You've Never Seen Before Shots by Matthew Mitchell

Once again the most viral material was on November with the stunner Dom de Rosa and behind the lens Matthew Mitchell in Miami. If you want to check the real NSFW snaps from Dom you can fo to Matthew Mitchell Only Fans account. Enjoy it.

“The Birthday Suit” Model Don Hood by Matt Licari - PnV Network

Then on the 15th, Don Hood and Matt Licari sent an exclusive material to Tom Peaks from PnV Network, and everybody loves it, we really enjoy this material in black and white where we can see the good parts and the perfect parts of Don Hood, “The Birthday Suit”.


On December Fashionably Male presents a stunning material by photographer Adrian C. Martín and the face of Walking Jack Underwear, Tomás Márquez. The impulse reaches high levels of audience from all around the world. Specially for all our visitors, followers and commenters from Spain.

HoHoHo….Holly Jolly Austin Scoggin stars in our 2018 PnV/Fashionably Male Christmas Exclusive Special. Lens master Lester Villarama captures Austin, with DT Model Management in LA, in a gorgeous holiday shoot to put even the Grinch in a festive spirit.  

Thanks to all contributors, photographers, agencies, models, crew, assistants and people behind the lens, who can make this possible every moment we make a post we dedicate this work to all the people who is behind and in front of the lens.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and we hope we can work together again for this coming 2019.

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