Wardrobe Essentials for Fashionably Male for an Interview Job.


Wardrobe Essentials for Fashionably Male for an Interview Job.

You’ve spent weeks trying to land that big interview with your dream company and finally you got it. But before you step into that interview, consult this guide to make easy the best first impression possible.


Choose a two-piece matching suit. Stick with conservative colors: navy or dark gray. Wool, wool blends, and other quality fivers are generally best for suits. A suit does not have to be expensive to look good. I bought that ZARA suit, just make sure it is tailored to you.


Long-sleeve shirts in white, light blue or a conservative pattern. Example that ZARA with micro dotted pattern.


Choose ties made pf high quality silk with a slight pop of color. Look that example a H&M black tie very cheap indeed.


Match your belt to your shoes. Keep any jewelry to a minimum. A classic wristwatch is usually best. Boss has beautiful belts and could be cheap if you buy in a sale.


Socks should be mid-calf length in a dark color (or in my case with micro-dotted pattern by Forever 21). The shoes can be leather with laces or slip-on business shoes. It is always important to invest in a good pair of dress shoes. For me was very easy, spent around 49 bucks for those Ferrato shoes.


I chose Archaic black boxer from Modus Vivendi ’cause it fits very good when you use trousers. You can’t notice that underwear line through your pants. Cotton 93%,  and elastane 7% making very comfortable.


FACIAL HAIR You should be clean shaven before your interview. IF you wear facial hair, make sure it is well-groomed. If you are unsure what facial hair is appropriate, look at other men in your industry.

See also  Paul Knops by Darren Black

NAIL Care Every detail counts. For both men and women clean nails are a must.

And don’t forget your resume, your phone and keys and don’t be nervous everything will be alright and you will get that job!

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