Paul Miranda FW 15885Paul Miranda FW 15886Paul Miranda FW 15887Paul miranda settle class, haute couture, sewing grander homemade by artisans, and a peculiar style and could define the new fall / winter 2015.Paul Miranda FW 15889Paul Miranda FW 15890

Paul Miranda is a high class handmade couture, sewing by peculiar artisans, and unique style we could define this new Fall/Winter 2015. Photography by Gio Schiano featuring model Andreas Brunnhage.

Make Up: Fabiana Finaldi

Hairstylist Innovative Hair Mario and Gildo Vituperio

Styling: by Stefania Antonucci

Styling Assistand: Diana Magri

Lights Assistant: Claudio Sommella

Thanks to Assia Falanga

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