Versace Spring/Summer 2019 Milan

Donatella Versace presents a strong colorful collection.

For Versace Spring/Summer 2019 Milan, Donatella trust in her gut to presents a powerful collection.

“Inspiration is a word of yesterday, because what is relevant today won’t be tomorrow. This collection was born from the different emotions I felt in different moments during the creation process.”

She didn’t need the help of celebrities or influencers, she hooked up powerful top models.

Just like Kendall Jenner in a Gioielleria print mini dress with crystal accents and heart neckline.

A collection bold, colorful, sparkling, so Versace but in the mean time, the red logo of the new white t-shirts presented in the collection, are so very “Supreme.”

It’s Versace and she knows it – the #VersaceSS19 collection plays with the perception of sensuality in a masculine context, so relevant that it can’t help but be gossiped about, from the tabloids to the streets.

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