BLSTF_2016_WTG_shot_1_RGB72BLSTF_2016_WTG_shot_2_RGB72BLSTF_2016_WTG_shot_3_RGB72BLSTF_2016_WTG_shot_4_RGB72BLSTF_2016_WTG_shot_5_RGB72BLSTF_2016_WTG_shot_6_RGB72BLSTF_2016_WTG_shot_7_RGB72Presenting the new menswear campaign that Rankin has created for Belstaff entitled “Worship The Ground”. Which features Riley Harper the iconic stuntman and Sir Ranulph Fiennes legendary polar pioneer and arguably “the world’s greatest living explorer” (Guinness Book of Records).

The images have been shot from beneath a glass floor and the models together with Ranulph Fiennes and Riley Harper ran, walked and rode stunt bikes across the glass (featuring Riley’s custom 1965 Triumph TR6 Trophy Bike) giving the boots a new perspective and energy through Rankin’s lens! The film continues to explore this claim and shows these two men who both embody the spirit of adventure. I attach below some BTS shot links and also the film.


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