Georgia Peach Julian Ramos: Exclusive Interview by PnV Network

Georgia Peach Julian Ramos: Exclusive Interview

Featuring Exclusive PnV/Fashionably Male Photo Story by Stefan Mreczko

by Tom Peaks @MrPeaksNValleys

A small town Georgia Peach, model Julian Ramos made the spontaneous decision to move to New York in the summer of 2015. It’s been a whirlwind ride that has produced amazing images and experiences for Julian. He has the body of an Olympic athlete, but within him is a genuinely creative mind. He has even been flirting some lately with being on the other side of the camera. And his sexual aura is so overpowering, sometime he can’t even put it on mute when he tries.JulianRamosStefan

Recently, Julian joined forces with talented NYC photographer Stefan Mreczko to produce a special PnV/Fashionably Male exclusive photo shoot.   You can view the amazing images that resulted from this shoot as you get acquainted with sensational Julian Ramos:

Julian, let’s start with the basic info.  Weight/height, eye/hair color and age?  Your hometown and current city of residence?  Who represents you?

Dark Brown hair/eyes

20 years old

I’m 6’0 tall; 170lbs

Ringgold GA — hometown 

NYC-based currently

       CLICK Models NY(only fit and showroom); MAGGIE INC., BostonJulianRamosStefan1

So little Ringgold, GA is famous for where country music icons like Dolly Parton (& hubby Carl) and George Jones and Tammy Wynette wed.   It’s like a marriage capital of the South.   How did you get out of there single?    Seriously, how do you compare life in big city New York to small town southern life? Are you adapting well?

I’ve always felt like I didn’t fit in or belong in such a small town for a long time.  Then, when my parents, brother, and I started to travel and see different parts of the United States, I realized where I belonged and fate just kind of brought me to where I am now.  A huge thanks to everyone who has helped get me acclimate and survive in NY!  I’m adapting very well. JulianRamosStefan2

Where were you during the horrific tornado in your town in 2011?  How was that experience?

I was at home.  We were at school and they let us out early.  As we were all leaving, I remember everyone was saying how it’s such a nice day that nothing would happen. Later that night it hit my school and destroyed it.  We ended up having to go to another school to finish the remainder of the year, splitting half days at a different school (which was 3 minutes from my house).JulianRamosStefan5

After high school, you went to college for a year in Savannah. What prompted the move to NY in the summer of 2015?   Was it a long thought out consideration or spontaneous?

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Completely spontaneous!

You’re from the same neck of the woods as popular model and TV personality, Derek Yates whom you have shot with.   You have also shot in Puerto Rico.   Tell us about these experiences.

Derek Yates led to my shoot with photographer Tom Watkins in Vermont.  This work lead me to model Sean Rollofson who wanted me to train him for an Aronik swimwear shoot in PR;  by fate after the week or so I was here, I got blessed enough to go to PR and shoot with Edwin J. Lebron.  After that it was pretty much decided that I should stay, and Sean helped out more than I can ever thank him.JulianRamosStefan6

Now, you also work at a gym.  Fitness has been important to you for a while.   Walk us through how fitness became such a huge part of your life.

Well it started with a breakup in 10th grade. Although I had been huge into sports such as baseball and skateboarding (like legit skating) but working out was because I wasn’t comfortable in my own skin.  I had a lot of people who doubted and made fun of me along this journey but it made me who I am today.   I just want to help make others feel great about themselves, have confidence, and live healthy lifestyles.JulianRamosStefan7

You also did some beautiful shots in New England and New York with GP Imagery.   I know you enjoyed the creativity of that.  What was that like?

GP and I work well together mainly because we are friends.  It helps our shoot because it allows both of us to bounce ideas off of each other.

I know you really enjoy the artistry of shooting images…and the sexuality you can exhibit on film.   What is that like for you?   Do you feel like you’re getting to step into a different character or an alter ego?

Not necessarily an alter ego.  To be honest, half of the time I don’t even mean to add the aura of sexual tension in my posing or looks, it just happens.  But other times, I want to try and seduce (more in a way of I want the viewer to be obsessed and in awe) who ever maybe looking at my photos. JulianRamosStefan8

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In early 2016, you went to Palm Springs and shot with Miguel Starcevich.   This was an artistic nude photo shoot.   Tell us about this project, the challenges, and how you came to be involved.

Miguel is one of the best photographers I’ve worked with! He knows exactly what he wants when he is shooting. 

I know you are very comfortable with nudity.   Where do you think that confidence comes from?

Gray Area!! I’m not super comfortable with nudity.   I just have to exude that because that’s what these people in this industry want.  At the same time, I think there is nothing wrong with nudity and in fact the nude body is art.  But I do not walk around naked by any means–maybe just boxer briefs. JulianRamosStefan9

You have done some fashion work as well, Julian.    How satisfying was that?    Do you have to find another mental gear to dial back some of your personality and let the clothing become the dominate subject?

Fashion work is slightly different but all in all I feel showing emotion in a fashion show can help the designers set a mood with the models in their clothes, so I don’t feel it was a restriction at all. 

Describe your personal fashion style.

Personal style is workout gear (sweats, hoodies, tank tops) or boots, jeans, t shirt and another layer. Simple, clean but effective. JulianRamosStefan10

So what are your aspirations…do you have specific dreams or you just seeing where the journey   takes you?

Dreams are just as any other model –I would love to become a top-tier and well-respected model, acting, and being a high end trainer for celebrities. 

What have you learned about the emotional and mental sides to the modeling industry?   In essence, you’re still a young small town boy just now trying to make it in the big-city modeling world.   You must already have come away with some head-spinning experiences.

Just because I grew up in a “small town” doesn’t mean I wasn’t aware of things.  I already understood some of the bad and some of the good aspects of modeling.  But the difference now is I have lived through some of the emotional and physical up’s and down’s of the modeling world,  and I know how to handle and cope with certain obstacles.JulianRamosStefan11

So, what two physical features do people most often compliment you on?   If you could change one thing physically, what would it be?

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My hair and body!   My teeth would be something I’d change, and I will change.

Do you find the modeling world tries to label you as a ‘fashion’ or ‘fitness’ model?  You kind of straddle the fence and can do both, in my opinion.   I think you’re a strong editorial model.

Everyone sees everyone differently;  some people say I’m this, some say I’m that!  But I have to be who I am…and not worry about what others think I am…because I have fought critics since day one of this journey. JulianRamosStefan12

So what is something most people would be surprised to know about you?

I never missed a day of school or left early from kindergarten to 12th grade. JulianRamosStefan13

Okay Julian, time for the Flash Bulb round…quick responses!

–Fave sin food?  Sour candy and doughnuts

–For fun times, theme parks or national/state parks?   National parks

–Your most beneficial exercise?  Jump rope

–When you’re at home, what % of time are you nude?  8% maybe to change clothes and that’s it.  I usually shower before work so maybe 10% if I shower at home.

–Fave style and brand of underwear?  Calvin Klein boxer briefs

–Fave brand of jeans?   No preference in jeans as long as they fit well and look good lol

–Two photographers whom you would die to shoot with?  Toby Nguyen and Sarah Orbonic

–You get to be on ONE magazine cover, which one?  Of course Vogue would be amazing.

–What do you wear to bed:  Boxers.JulianRamosStefan14

What are the best places on social media for readers to reach out to you?

Instagram is the best way.



Stefan Mreczko is a NYC-based photographer whose work is focused on fashion, editorial and portraiture. When not taking photographs, he plays on New York’s Gotham volleyball league and listens to way too much Madonna music.

Stefan Mreczko on Social Media:



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