The Amazing Brian Lewis in Island Fever posing for the lens of Edwin Lebron.

5 most Influential Fitness Models to watch

There are thousands of people working every day to revolutionize the way people think about health, fitness, and also happiness.

But these guys has one thing in common, all these guys are professional models and professional trainers and fitness gurus. They have a lifetime preparing physically and training so hard to offer their best services as coaching, trainers, teachers, and also representatives of some high performance product.

They have an extraordinary way to reach people through Youtube chanel and Instagram accounts. And that’s why we share the most influential fitness models that you should keep watching.

5. Steve Cook College football player turned bodybuilder Steve Cook aims to help you live a healthier lifestyle that’s balanced physically, mentally and spiritually. More than anything he’s a professional athlete with motivational videos you really have to see.

4. BJ Gaddour Fitness Director for Men’s Health Mag. There is no excuse for not exercising, he has dynamic workouts on his Instagram, which can be accessed anywhere. We know he’s not into modeling, but but it has always been the image of its own brand.

3. Barrett Pall Celebrity Life Coach & Personal Trainer Travel & Lifestyle Writer. We’ve been followed Barrett since ever, and we are so excited to see him everytime he’s write, posting a new workout or some snaps. A real role model, this guy has so much to talk about!


2. Brandon White Well we know who is Brandon White. Professional athlete, model, actor, entrepreneur or just a Buff Dude? His Youtube channel has been viral all the time. Always shares the best in his instagram account. Do not forget to follow him.

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1. Brian Lewis from Virginia, fitnes model sponsored, online trainer is a professional who has dedicated his life to mold his manly figure to be muse of many world-renowned photographers. In 2015 we featured in a stunning photography by  Edwin J’Lebron and we fainted away. Do not you dare lose his sight.

Written by Fashionably Male.

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