Fashionably Male pleased to invite you to get to know the new brand of underwear. But first let see this introduction video:

TANI USA is a premium Men’s underwear brand that was founded more than 10 years ago to meet the demands of the growing population of consumers who appreciate the very best in performance fabrics.

TANI USA using the finest and most advanced fibers to create comfortable fabrics that are innovative in men’s underwear. They develop their own fabrics in Europe and use very high percentages of the best fibers.

Tani’s aesthetic is simple, modern and masculine. Our designs are meant for today’s sophisticated man who expects the finest fabrics in his sartorial choices. All of our products are designed for comfort, quality, performance and longevity.

Today, we own and operate more than 300 stand-alone Tani boutiques across Asia with distribution in the Middle East, Australia, Japan, North America and Europe.Mens Tani USA SS16 SilkCut Collection (4)But that’s not all my friends, Tani has a very specific rules to show you why is the best underwear brand around the world:


Our singular mission is to set a new standard in luxury mens underwear. We aim to create the worlds best and most comfortable undergarments that change the way you think and feel about underwear.Mens Tani USA SS16 SilkCut Collection (3)


We believe in a modern, more sophisticated aesthetic. We believe in comfortable mens underwear.  We believe gimmicks and embellishments are both unnecessary and unattractive. Each season, the solid color palette we select is pure and complementary. Our patterns are invariably distinctive, whether they’re subtle variations on a theme or the occasional bolder motif—but never garish or kitschy. This approach to form creates the most comfortable mens underwear.  When you wear Tani, we can comfortably promise you will always look as good as you feel.

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Our prevailing aesthetic is pure. There are no hidden pouches, panels or gimmicks. Design is streamlined, classic with a nod to modernity. We want the first thing you put on in the morning to be comfortable, uncomplicated and complementary.

At Tani, we make luxury mens underwear for those who understand the distinction between fashionable and fashion, and for people whose expectations are as high as our own.


When you make the very finest products in a very particular category, it’s simply not an option. To design and create our collections, we source fabrics around the world that are both rare and newly innovated. We employ unique knitting technologies to produce the finest, softest and smoothest fabrics. And the quality of its performance must be as high as the quality of its feel.

But is not enough, Tani USA is also available for girls:

Welcome to your new favorite underwear.

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