PnV Network: Made in Colombia Jorge Guevara by Gato Rivero

PnV Network: Made in Colombia Jorge Guevara by Gato Rivero

Interviewer: Chris Chase @PnVMaleModelHQ

Born in the heat of South America, Jorge Guevara now calls Houston, Texas home. Over the course of the past year Jorge has made the transition from fitness model to one of the most striking fashion models on the scene. Brown hair, brown eyes and a killer smile make him one to watch.Jorge by Gato Rivero (1)

Chris Chase: Hey buddy! Thanks for taking the time away from globe trotting to answer a few questions for our faithful PnV followers. Tell me what your long term aspirations are.

– Jorge Guevara: I would like to get into commercial shoots and acting. I would love to have the opportunity to be part of Spanish soap operas and TV Series.Jorge by Gato Rivero (2)

-CC: I would kill to see you in a Spanish soap! If you weren’t modeling what else would you be doing?

-JG: I would be Personal Training for a corporate company along with studying to get my degree in Nutrition and possibly pursue a career as a Registered Dietitian.PnV Network: Made in Colombia Jorge Guevara by Gato Rivero

-CC: Of course only during your off time from the soap. Lol. Talk to me about your workout routine.

-JG: My Workout Routine: Pretty Simple. I call it “Touch-Ups” Since my ultimate goal right now is to maintain a lean ripped physique year around, I try and hit every single muscle group at least 2-3 times weekly. I do mostly low weight and height reps and my workouts are usually split between lower body and upper body days.

-CC: you’re obviously VERY busy, but what does a perfect day for you look like?

-JG: Wake Up. Have Breakfast and hit the gym an hour later. I usually like to list 10 things that are a must do for me that day. After the gym, I start knocking out my “To Do List” one by one. Whether it is something small or even something as big as booking a flight to Thailand haha. In the afternoons I love to shoot because of the perfect lighting. I usually pick out some great locations and knock a few shots for me to use for my social media. Evenings I am mostly on my laptop posting material, responding to fans, and booking some gigs. By 11pm or so its night night.Jorge by Gato Rivero

-CC: So in the midst of that perfect day I’m sure there’s a cheat meal in there. What would that be?

-JG: Burgers for sure. Without a doubt!

-CC: Well you certainly can’t go wrong there. That’s what I’d pick! What do you do in your spare time?

-JG: I usually don’t have much of spare time. I try and keep myself busy and always ask myself the question if what I’m currently doing at the moment is going to help me achieve my goals or not. But eventually when I do have some free time, I love to plays sports, hang out with friends, and hit some epic locations for us to shoot.

-CC: Time for the rundown. Gimme your favorites!

-JG:  TV Show: Ridiculousness. Movie: Never Back Down. Music: Reggaeton Sports: Soccer. Teams: Real Madrid, Miami Heat, Baltimore Ravens.PnV Network: Made in Colombia Jorge Guevara by Gato Rivero

-CC: if I ask your friends to describe you what would they say?

-JG: They would say I am very disciplined. They see what I am trying to achieve and have already achieved at such a young age. I try and surround myself with the right people whom are hungry to succeed. Similar goals which keeps us focused and motivated.PnV Network: Made in Colombia Jorge Guevara by Gato Rivero

-CC: obviously you have to be very disciplined to maintain your body. How would you describe yourself in one word?

-JG: Determined. A word that plays a huge role in my life and no matter the outcome of the situation I am always determined that I will be successful. When one door closes, another one opens, and I never let a bad situation impact me in a negative way.

-CC: Who inspires you?

-JG: My father for sure. As an Airline Pilot, he has taught me discipline. To focus on what you love and pursue.

-CC: where do you see yourself in the next five years?

-JG: I see myself doing commercials and TV Series. Shooting for clothing lines and traveling the world which is one my favorite things to do while I work at the same time.

-CC: tell me something about you that very few people know?PnV Network: Made in Colombia Jorge Guevara by Gato Rivero

-JG: I love to dance. This is something that I will start recording and sharing it with you guys 🙂

-CC: I find it extremely hard to believe that no one knows you can dance LOL! Tell me what 2015 was like for you.

-JG: My career transitioned quite a bit from Fitness Shoots to Fashion Shoots. It was something that just came natural to me and it took a bit of time to figure out what direction I wanted to take. Lots of unexpected trips such as my trip to Thailand which completely changed my life! Amazing experience and had the opportunity to shoot in some of the most exotic locations in the world.

-CC: I for one think that you made the transition seamlessly. What’s your favorite photo that you’ve had taken of yourself?

-JG: For Fitness definitely one I shot with Pat Lee in Chicago. For Fashion, my latest shoot with Scott Hoover in LA.PnV Network: Made in Colombia Jorge Guevara by Gato Rivero

-CC: those photos from Scott were amazing! Who would you say is the coolest person you’ve met this year?

-JG: I would say my buddy Dane Johnson from LA. Signed Actor and Model whom I recently just met but motivated me to pursue things in life that I never thought I would.

-CC: I certainly love Dane! He is definitely a very motivating and inspirational guy. What do you like most about living in Texas?

-JG: Definitely the cost of living. Makes it so much easier to pursue what you want and to move around the nation by being centralized.PnV Network: Made in Colombia Jorge Guevara by Gato Rivero

Thanks so much Jorge!

Jorge IG: @jorgeivanguevara

Photos by Gato Rivero @gatoriveroph

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