PnV Network Interview: The Determined Cory Bower

PnV Network Interview:

The Determined Cory Bower

Photos by Greg Vaughan

by Chris Chase @PnVMaleModelHQ

There’s nothing like youthful enthusiasm and Cory Bower has it in spades. Although he’s relatively new to the business, Cory is ready to face it head on. He loves fitness, eating clean and enjoying a healthy lifestyle. That will serve him well in the future. It doesn’t hurt that Cory has an eye for fashion and enjoys the business.

Chris Chase: First Cory I’d like to thank you for your time. I know you’re busy but our followers will certainly enjoy getting to know a few things about you! Let’s start with the basics. Give me your stats.

Cory Bower: Absolutely! I’m 6’0″ with brown hair and hazel brown eyes. My birthday is June 6th and I’m from Mentor (Cleveland) Ohio. I’m represented by DT Model Management.PnV Network Interview: The Determined Cory Bower Photos by Greg Vaughan

CC: Another gracious Midwestern guy! Several of my features have been from Ohio and every one of them are great guys! How long have you been in the business and what drove you to be a model?

CB: I have been signed for two and a half months but I had been pursuing modeling for about 4 months prior to that. What drove me to be a model is simple, I love fitness and living a healthy lifestyle.  I’m also really big into fashion.  I believe that my hard work and dedication in the gym is really what opened the doors for me to become a model. 

CC: What personal and professional accomplishment are you most proud of?

CB: One of my personal accomplishments that I am most proud of is having the courage and confidence to step on a stage in fitness competitions knowing I’m  the youngest competitor.  To this point, my biggest  professional accomplishment would have to be getting signed by a major market agency.  I’m a very new face so I haven’t had the chance to book work yet especially with balancing college at the same time.  I think that it is a huge accomplishment that most people     dream of and I feel blessed to be presented with the opportunity. Especially working  with one of the best agencies in the world, DT Model Management.

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CC: Confidence will take you far no matter what you’re doing. What are your long term aspirations?

CB: My long term aspirations are to be the best model I can for as long as I can.  After modeling I would like to use the following I have established to help build my own business as a personal trainer. Health and fitness are so important to me.

CC: I think wanting to help others is extremely admirable. If you weren’t modeling, what would you be doing?

CB: I would be competing for NPC Men’s Physique.

CC: That awesome! I bet it’s difficult balancing muscle gain and lean muscle. What does your workout routine look like?

CB: My workout routine is something that has changed tremendously in the recent months.  Since I have previously competed in fitness competitions, adding mass is what I knew best.  My workouts contained all heavy lifting, isolating different muscles each day of the week.  Since     modeling I have actually had to trim down a little, and I am currently working on trimming down a little more.  My current workouts consist of LISS (low intensity steady state) and HIIT (high intensity interval training) cardio along with body weight resistance training, or very low weight/high reps.Cory Bower by Greg Vaughan (2)

CC: Well I know it’s a balance that’s you’re constantly monitoring. I know you live fitness so what is perfect day for Cory?

CB: Sleeping in late, going to the gym for 2 hours, eating a bunch of food, hanging out with friends/family, and perfect weather.

CC: That’s sounds pretty perfect to me! What’s your favorite cheat food?

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CB: Long chocolate creme filled donuts  BY FAR!

CC: What do you do in your spare time when you’re not working off chocolate donuts? Lol

CB: Hanging out with friends, listening  to music, watching movies, playing video games, and any outdoor activities.

CC: It’s time for the FAVORITES RUNDOWN: Favorite TV show, movie, music, sports, Team?

CB: Prison Break, All about the Benjamin’s, Hip Hop/Rap, Cav’s (who are about to win the finals!!!)

CC: I think Steph Curry will have something to say about that! What is something you’re not very good at?

CB: Accepting the fact that I am not very good at something. I want to be the best at everything I do.Cory Bower by Greg Vaughan (3)

CC: I suffer from a big case of perfectionism also. Who’s your childhood hero?

CB: My dad would have to be my childhood hero.  I feel like he is a huge part of who I am today.  He always makes sure I’m staying focused on what is important to me in life so that I can achieve my dreams and that there’s nothing distracting me from that.

CC: Its time for a little game I like to call desert island. Give me one book, one movie and one food you would want to have on a desert island. 

CB: The Giver, All about the Benjamin’s and Macaroni & Cheese.

CC: That better be some damn good macaroni and cheese LOL. If I asked your friends to describe you, what would they say?

CB: They would say that I joke around a lot and I’m driven to get to where I want to be in life.  I probably spend too much time in the gym!Cory Bower by Greg Vaughan (4)

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CC: In one word describe yourself and tell me why.

CB: Humble.  The reason I say humble is because even though I’ve had success recently I’ve always stayed true to myself and haven’t let it go to my head.   I remain confident in what I can do but I try to stay grounded and focused. I make I stay surrounded by my friends and family.

CC: Who inspires you today personally and professionally?

CB: I would have to say Drake’s music.  His music really inspires me to keep putting in the work and never give up on anything. 

CC: In five years Cory Bower…?

CB: I will be modeling and traveling the world.  I would like to do online personal training for anyone who wants to get healthy. I also want to give back to those who have stayed with me through this journey.

CC: Tell me something few people know about you.

CB: I  fear not being successful at the things I love the most more than anything.PnV Network Interview: The Determined Cory Bower Photos by Greg Vaughan

Chris Chase: Cory when someone like yourself has such determination and inner strength it’s hard not to be successful. Just remember success can be measured in many different ways.

Model: Cory Bower

Twitter: @Cory_Bower

Instagram: @cory_bower

Photographer: Greg Vaughan @gmvaughan

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