20 Odd Outfits from Menswear S/S 2017

Let’s make it clear that menswear has advanced big steps in the last 5 years, but we can not deny that there are designers with bizarre and exotic taste and they could fall into the absurd. From London Collections: MEN, through Milan Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week, we do not want to criticize their creativity and vision, we just tracked down some of the most outrageous outfits ever made for menswear:

20- We understand perfectly the concept from designers Siblings had into S/S 2017, we but did not understand anything about this mesh corset with abstract figures?Sibling Menswear Spring:Summer 2017 London (12)

19- Mihara Yasuhiro has a double face and he needs to worn by making this outfit. Although the rest of the collection has a nice pieces to rescue it. But we do not need double nothing.MAISON MIHARA YASUHIRO SS17 LONDON (8)

18- From MFW, Damir Doma comes with this rusty tablecloth. Dislike.DAMIR DOMA MENSWEAR SPRING SUMMER 2017 MILAN (10)

17- Ok Prada, let’s go camping! But after that, we can go to drink tea, and after that we can go to some gallery or dinner. Do I look overdressed? Prada or Nada? NA-DA.PRADA SPRING SUMMER 2017 MILAN (19)

16- I fell in love with the collection from designer agnés b. really, but what does this spanish dancer is doing in the runway?AGNÉS B MENSWEAR SPRING SUMMER 2017 PARIS (48)

15. OH NO! Christopher Shannon ripped his jeans and denim jackets, ok! But this is weird:CHRISTOPHER SHANNON MENSWEAR SPRING SUMMER 2017 LONDON (18)

14 – This is to confusing Craig Green, what is this?CRAIG GREEN MENSWEAR SPRING SUMMER 2017 LONDON (14)

13- Straight forcing shirts by JuunJ, the sleeves of sweatshirts and bombers are too long and with laces looks like weird. Juun.J Men's Spring 2017

12- Ann Demeulemeester kick off with stunning embroidered phoeniz-lik bird garments, with touch of romanticism punk bondage, the designer, who took the reins of the label in 2014, still seems torn between allegiance to the founder and a sincere urge to write a story of his own.Ann Demeulemeenster show, spring summer 2017, Paris Men's Fashion Week, France - 24 June 2016

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11-  Bally we don’t need this. “It’s good to look at them, and then play around with them,” said designer Pablo Coppola, who also looked to Seventies sportsmen and Studio 54.

Bally Men's Spring 2017
Bally Men’s Spring 2017

10- Mini shorts focusing once again trying to be the stelar of this runway, TOPMAN presented the idea back in LCM 2016, but the costumer was not intrigued by it. But this?TOPMAN MENSWEAR SPRING SUMMER 2017 LONDON (36)

9- Xander Zhou presented xtra Large, Double Xtra Large or triple Xtra Large garments, around the catwalk innovating oversizes and plus sizes we can see jackets, trousers, but long dresses coats, we don’t get it.XANDER ZHOU MENSWEAR SPRING SUMMER 2017 LONDON (19)

8- I cried a lit bit when I saw this. Givenchy’s parade of military parkas in greenback prints that approximated camouflage. 

Givenchy show, spring summer 2017, Paris Men's Fashion Week, France - 24 June 2016

7- Then suddenly everybody wants to be Vivienne Westwood, but we need more Viviennesque dressed out fits, although this collection has a important message to say about it.VIVIENNE WESTWOOD MENSWEAR SPRING SUMMER 2017 MILAN (28)

6- I didn’t feel like this was by Alexander McQueen, probably Sarah Burton still away on maternity leave after the birth of her third child, the Alexander McQueen label stepped back from the runway to present its latest menswear collection via a series of intimate appointments and a sequence of atmospheric images.Alexander McQueen Spring:Summer 2017 London

5- Hood by Air goes beyond creativity, but I have read bad comments and good ones, it’s up to you darlings, what do you think Kenny McCormick?HOOD BY AIR MENSWEAR SPRING SUMMER 2017 PARIS (18)

4- Bobby Abley is known for his unique charm, wit and humour, blending nostalgic and playful imagery with a contemporary menswear design, but I think that this is off the hook, of this charming Abu-nesque menswear collection.BOBBY ABLEY MENSWEAR SPRING SUMMER 2017 LONDON (21)

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3- The collection was called “DG Musica” and contained musical references throughout, from treble clef embroideries to a printed bomber with illustrations of jazz musicians. But I think this referencial was too literalm I mean, yeah is music, but come on. DOLCE&GABBANA MENSWEAR SPRING SUMMER 2017 MILAN (27)

2-“This season I got very soft,” the designer Rick Owens mused backstage as models traipsed around, hoisting their elephantine pant legs to reveal socklike sneakers in collaboration with Adidas. It was a new take on the Runner, its angular heels smoothed into a sleek wedge.Rick Owens Men's Spring 2017

1- The most odd outfits from S/S 2017 is this, in a  grayscale world conjured up each season by Thom Browne is bizarre, twisted, sometimes unintentionally hilarious, and sometimes entirely intentionally so.THOM BROWNE MENSWEAR SPRING SUMMER 2017 PARIS (31)-ANIMATION

No heartfeelings right?, I mean fashion world is the most weirdest, most wonderful and downright way you can appreciate. From the weird to the wonderful to the downright scary, we look back at the craziest outfits of this coming season Spring/Summer 2017. 

The fashion and beauty trends of the past were clearly a dangerous and strange force to be reckoned with. All things considered, reaching for a pair of trend-seeking culottes doesn’t seem so bad, does it?

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