Parke & Ronen Spring/Summer 2017 New York

It’s always a party at Parke & Ronen, and this season the brand didn’t disappoint as it presented a collection reminiscent of collegiate culture. Swimsuits in briefs and trunk lengths were shown in stripes and a variety of sea motifs such as shells and crabs. They recently created a snapchat profile to streaming alive rehearsals, behind the scenes and full fashion show,  just to check up with that. So today everybody wait for Parke & Ronen men’s show! That’s whay I’ve heard over NYFWM.

Known for their fitted swim trunks, a new relaxed fit was introduced this season, which also doubled as a cover up for the bikinis worn underneath. Some eyewear collection was provided by Leisure Society. Quality in design clothes always overcome and winning battles, those crop tops are the best! (Franky Cammarata looks incredible hot AF)  With incredible fitting and you can come with your speedo, Bomber jackets is still the bomb over 2017, we cannot wait to see on their site. By the way, amazing cast! 👏

A fun addition to the lineup was the color-blocked varsity jackets with sea life prints, and light Letterman sweaters with the brand’s initials. 

Parke & Ronen has so much potential, and surprised us as much as they have handled the brand in recent months to date.

 But like many of the shows this season, the brand would have benefited from some editing. Work and great team effort that made this brand of clothing is undoubtedly the best, great coordination, have told me that all shows have been very well coordinated throughout the production team behind them.

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