Earth tones and stripes: Modus Vivendi Wide Line

Earth tones and stripes – Modus Vivendi Wide Line

Sand beige and light grey. These are the two dominant colours of the new Wide Line released by Modus Vivendi, part of the brand’s extensive spring-summer 2016 collection.

Earth tones and stripes - Modus Vivendi Wide Line

This line comprises masculine underwear designs in three styles, tanktops and a unique multi-shirt! The underwear comes in briefs, boxer-briefs and jockstraps featuring striped and solid, earth tone panels, shiny waistbands and a supreme quality, viscose blend fabric.

MV-WideLine-Conseptual Pics with Logo (2)

The tanktops have a Modus Vivendi classic muscle tanktop cut and feature a striped front and a solid colour, t-shaped back.

Earth tones and stripes - Modus Vivendi Wide Line

The multi-shirt of this line is a unique, fashion forward creation by Christos Bibitsos of an all weather men’s shirt.

MV-WideLine-Conseptual Pics with Logo (4)

It comes with extra pairs of sleeves which you can attach to the neck to transform it from a sleeveless to a short or long sleeve shirt. It’s pretty amazing!

MV-WideLine-Conseptual Pics with Logo (6)

Well known for its natural beauty, a location near Brisbane was chosen by the photographer as a backdrop for his session with model Daniel Kairouz.MV-WideLine-Conseptual Pics with Logo (9)Fleming produced a shoot full of masculinity which ideally suits this line. The fantastic behind the scenes video was filmed and edited by talented Cullum Stege.MV-WideLine-Conseptual Pics with Logo (10)

The stunning campaign images of Modus Vivendi’s Wide Line were captured in rural Australia by one of the best Australian photographers, Russell Fleming.

Earth tones and stripes - Modus Vivendi Wide Line


Underwear, clothing: Modus Vivendi

Photographer: Russell Fleming

Model: Daniel Kairouz

Video by: Cullum Stege

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