Nick Lanzisera in “Lost in the World” a film by Kim Willecke

 First we’re gonna talk about professional dancer Nick Lanzisera, originally from Colorado Springs, CO, Nick Lanzisera moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in dance. With a strong background in ballet, jazz, hip-hop and contemporary, Nick quickly found himself a niche within the competitive industry.

Nick is known for his work on No Strings Attached (2011), High School Musical 3: Senior Year (2008) and High School Musical 2 (2007). And also having features as a dancer on True Blue in 2012 and Behind the Candelabra in 2013.

Nick Lanzisera in Lost in the World by Kim Willecke5

In addition to being a working dancer, Nick enjoys teaching his unique approach to movement. He has been on staff for 6 years as a resident instructor at two of the most prominent dance studios in Los Angeles: Edge Performing Arts Center and Millennium Dance Complex.

He has also had the opportunity to travel around the globe, teaching in conventions and studios across the U.S. and internationally. As a choreographer, Nick has been exploring his creative voice on projects including the ABC Family series Baby Daddy, Guys With Kids on CBS, and feature films Love True and The Light Beneath Their Feet, both premiering in 2016.

Nick Lanzisera in Lost in the World by Kim Willecke4In the other hand, we have this creative-visionary talented dancer and film director Kim Willecke he loves music, photography and sports, he’s German but he’s based in New York City, Worked with stars like Beyoncé, Scissor Sisters, Take That and Leona Lewis, did shows like the X Factor UK and X Factor Netherlands and even SYTYCD in Germany.
Choreographed and consulted for major TV shows such as Dancing with The Stars Germany, Germany’s Got Talent, Got To Dance and X Factor Netherlands. I know how to work on both sides of the camera.Nick Lanzisera in Lost in the World by Kim Willecke7

“I love the thrill of connecting to an audiences, the theater, concerts and live events.
Like to create new pictures, tell stories, evoke emotion and take risks – all for a solid result.” Kim Willecke.

Nick Lanzisera in Lost in the World by Kim Willecke1This first piece is a contemporary short film called ‘LOST IN THE WORLD’ featuring the amazing Nick Lanzisera, the rising star in the global commercial dance world. Just returning from SIA’s ‘Nostalgic for the present’ world tour he is a resident contemporary dance teacher at the renowned Edge Performing Arts Center and Millennium Dance Complex in Los Angeles.Nick Lanzisera in Lost in the World by Kim Willecke8


The film is portraying the struggles of growing up – Feeling misunderstood, isolated & completely alone. Heavy & Numb. Dealing with the weight of life but not giving up. Fighting. Still standing. The film illustrates the perpetual inner conflict of human life.

This is a great contemporary dancing choreography performed by Nick and we can feel Will -the director – is dancing with Nick along the way, the background is the City of Los Angeles, you feel carried by the movements, as if you were going to hypnotized by Nick, you definitely have to see this video, which causes deep inner thoughts to you.

Nick Lanzisera in Lost in the World by Kim Willecke2The film produced by No Ceilings Entertainment, they operate globally for artist performances, Television, Film & Video Productions, corporate events & product launches as well as developing original immersive productions.Nick Lanzisera in Lost in the World by Kim Willecke3

Now check out this contemporary artsy video, here:

Nick Lanzisera in Lost in the World by Kim Willecke6

Directed & edited by Kim Willecke for No Ceilings Entertainment

Nick Lanzisera Instagram / Site / IMBd

Music by Cloud Boat – Bastion

Styling by Isabelle Jazzabell

Nick is wearing – Shirt / H&M,  Belt & Pants / Vintage

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